This week I planted 2 trees. 

I ordered these trees a month ago, and they finally arrived. 

As I shared with my precious sis-in-law about the trees and life – she said something so profound.

“Well, that’s prophetic”

You see, this week has had some bitter and some sweet. 

bunch of sliced citric fruits
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

A precious one had an accident that has left a LOT of things up in the air – sour.

This accident has affected our extended family in a life-changing kind of way – sour.

I’ve had the flu bug for a fortnight – sour.

1st week of school holidays were ultra-busy, and messy would be the word to describe it – sour.

‘I Can’t Believe They’re Gone,’ is close to being released. Sweet

I got to pray with a new friend, and she had some breakthroughs. Sweet

It was a more chilled week of school holidays than last week. Sweet.

My kids rediscovered some old toys happily played together as teens – SWEET.

God gave me peace when bad news came in, He gave me an outlet – Sweet.

I wonder if you have had sweet and/or sour this week?

Getting back to the trees. The two trees that arrived were ready to be planted in the soil.

One new ?lemon tree (healthy ready-to-produce fruit citrus tree – sour).

And a golden delicious apple tree (my favourite type of apple – sweet)

This got me thinking – Yes, Life is sweet and sour at times.

It’s a rare thing that we experience all sweet, or all sour (although it sometimes feels that way.)

As the sour news arrived, I felt myself spiraling, and feeling overwhelmed by such terrible new – but then I

did something different.

I stopped.

“Lord, I trust You with this.”

I place them in Your palm (and I envisioned placing them there.)

I then wrote out all my worries and fears – I then asked God,

“Will You take these, Lord?”

He agreed, and I felt peace come.

 He then responded,

Ask Me what I want to give you in exchange for these.

And I did.

person writing on a book
Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

That list of divine gifts and investments has been something that has been so sweet.

Although the sour still exists, the sweet far outweighs it.

Although the sour felt BIG – He is BIGGER.

Although the sour preyed upon and triggered fear in me – He showed me how these accomplished nothing, and He

wanted to accomplish something through this messy time.

So I prayed and gave it to Him. (sometimes I find this hard to do, and I grab them back – but I am learning to envision

the things I am handing over to Him. Picturing this has helped me greatly to leave them there. Maybe it could help you too?)

My prayer for you sweet friend, is that the sweet far outweighs the sour for you today…

And that He redeems the sour in your life to make it sweet. 


God Bless you.

God Bless your family. 

God Bless your home and boundaries.

God Bless your body, health, love, and life. 

Sending you all the love.