So I was walking into the chiropractic office. I noted that the sweet Sally was today’s receptionist.

Before I go on, you need to know that Sally is a precious one to God, but she has had the professional walls up since I met her 8 years ago.  It was rare for me to find someone so closed. I had been praying on and off for about 8 years that she would soften to God.

As I walked into the office that morning,  I was still flying with God because of the previous encounters.  As I approached the front desk-all I felt inside was complete JOY!

I passed the basket over to Sally and blessed her.  To my absolute surprise …Her whole demeanour shifted.

She looked sooooo touched.

Her voice softened.

Her eyes welled up with tears. She said “Oh Karen….thankyou so much.  That is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.”

She was lost for words. (God I don’t know what you’re doing,  but thankyou. Xxxxx)

Humanly I didn’t get it. .it was a pile of things popped into a basket and covered with cellophane.  But here this precious one of His got it, and she was moved by this simple act of giving.

I was moved too because after years of praying,  I was finally seeing God shift hard, unemotional walls..they came toppling down.

Praise you God!!!!

(Isn’t  He AMAZING!)

I headed into the waiting area where there were 2 others waiting.  The woman sitting next to me began chatting straight away.  We talked Christmas, family disfunction, choices, life,  death and God redeeming things. ..she was a nurse in our local hospital who was having about 50 at her house for Christmas. Her father (who she had never met – had died before meeting him) for the first time ever- his family were coming to celebrate with her. There had been some healing within the family since she chose to try and find her Dad. She was a beautiful heart and I saw the joy within her as she spoke of all things redemptive and good. Amazing!

While we chatted I became acutely aware of the woman beside her. She was dressed in black,  black nails, chains with images and other stuff adorned around her neck. .. sour expression on her face.. her lips seemed to tighten as our joy increased. ..

I felt an intense desire to love this lady and just encourage her. I wanted her to leave a little lighter than she looked now. It was a God challenge!!!! (This should be interesting  I thought!  Lol)

After the nurse was called in for her appointment….the atmosphere became intensely dark and heavy.

I looked at the woman and gave her a light grin. I asked her what she was up to for Christmas.

She was very,  very closed. She complained about waiting,  how it was always too long.  She was in pain.  I endeavoured to lift the talk,  but to little avail.  

Then after a short time of chit chat- she mentioned netball…and I asked her more about that. ..she then shared with me about her netball career-it was an incredible story! 

As she sat there talking and telling me about going to Adelaide for Christmas to be with her Mum…my heart went out to her.

Another woman had joined the line of chairs at this stage. She was also a dark and damaged heart. There was so much heaviness and upset in the place..and to be honest with you,  I was a little overwhelmed by it. ..then this weird thing happened. 

I felt this line leave my lips….and it wasn’t in any kind of context of what we were talking about -“It’s been a hard year for so many. .I pray it’s a better year next year.”

The dark clothed woman then said point blank.  “My daughter died.”

I was in a state of complete compassion and sadness for this woman upon hearing this.

The new lady who sat beside me then spat out “You know what hell is like then! “.

Her hard heart showed such pain and bitterness as she spoke those words-they felt harsh and full of prickles …without any softness at all.

It saddened me and I didn’t want to be called in until God had redeemed this on some level. (Humanly I felt out of my depth. These women had both had so much life thrown at them.)

I turned back to the original woman and said I was so sorry to hear about the loss of her precious daughter. I asked her how she was going?

She then spent the next 10 minutes telling me. I think she appreciated talking about her and the rest of the family.  I could feel through her sadness, some hope.

I left her with a line from God’s heart to hers.  “I know there aren’t any answers or words than can make it better. .. but I do know that you are honoring your daughters life, by choosing to live.

You could’ve let this whole thing crush you and humanly no one would’ve blamed you,  but you haven’t. You’re choosing to live and impact others along the way. That’s such a good thing.”

The lady was touched by God’s embrace with words.  She seemed lighter and more positive. He had given such warmth,  such love,  such compassion.

I was then called in for my appointment.

God you are sooooooo good!!!!

The morning finished with a brief God chat with the chiro and heading out to pay, another amazing interaction with Sally.

She was chatting to another patient who had noticed that hamper.  Sally’s eyes lit up when the lady commented on it. She looked at me as she said it, and said I’d blessed them with it.  “Isn’t it beautiful!” she said to the lady.

All I can say about that is,  God must have sprinkled His love all over that thing,  because both the lady waiting and Sally were saying how beautiful it was. To have Sal speaking so gently and sweetly was a complete miracle!

Later that afternoon,  God clearly impressed upon me how through it all-He had been restoring to me something that had been hidden or broken. God had given me back my passion for coming alive in Him at Christmas time!  And my hope. continues beyond!

Praise you God! Praise you God!!!


Oh Father,  

What a delight to my heart to have a morning with you.  

Thankyou for the opportunities you bring to me. us daily. 

Help my eyes to always be open to what and where and who…in you! 

Father keep my heart soft to adventure with you.  Keep it soft to your heartbeat for loving others. 

Keep my ears atune to your words.

Keep my eyes aware of what you see in others,  rather than what I see. 

Thankyou for blessing me that morning through your God poetry of generosity and love. 

It was a true delight. 

Thankyou for redeeming this in me. Thankyou for healing parts of my heart that the enemy saught to steal,  kill and destroy. 

You have WOWED me with your goodness yet again.. and I am in AWE of you and your knowledge, power, but most importantly your love for each one. 

You love the one. 

Help me to see the one who needs you and then use me Father, again and again and again. 

I love the adventure life becomes with  you in it.

Even in afflicted states, you use the weakest of vessels for your glory!  And bless the vessel in the process.

You AMAZE me heavenly Father…never stop.

Much love and so many thanks for you and your plan for my life. 

God bless the reader and their days ahead.

Help them to capture the joy of walking with you.  Help them to see that their life has such purpose and meaning in you.

God bless their socks off with all that your have in store for them. 

Thankyou once again heavenly one, sovereign Lord God almighty,  precious, overcoming Jesus and comforter, tenderhearted,  creative Holy Spirit -I love and appreciate you all. 

Amen. Xxxxx