sunshineAs I questioned God about a number of things floating around in my mind, I felt overwhelmed and busy in my mind….. the content and questions are probably irrelevant, because we all have those ??? floating around about circumstances, people or God’s ways.

He has encouraged me greatly this morning as I brought them to Him.

I don’t need to know all things at all times, my heart is to simply sit before Him and abide. It’s in this place that I feel the most content and peaceful. Abiding in Heavenly places is the goal. lol.

I hope this blesses you as it has me today.

When you try to explain something that is outside of your ability to comprehend, you are trying to find understanding through a two dimensional gaze. I am 1000 dimensional. Beyond your grasp of fully understanding…but not beyond your embrace, not beyond your loving, not beyond your acceptance or belief.

Stay as a child in this place – look to me as one who sings over you with great delight and joy. Children do not complicate things, they see things simply and it’s this simple faith that brings them & me pleasure. 

I do not require you to understand all things about me – although it benefits you as you seek to know me more. I am able to answer all questions, but sometimes the questions you ask aren’t the right ones. I desire to shed light on only the things you are ready for.

Position yourself to receive.

Position yourself to receive more of who I am…for in this position, you receive more than you could ask for!

Allow me to take off any sides of a box, that you’ve accepted or erected – for

I am UN-CONTAINABLE….and yet I am content to remain within the confines of your heart.

Happy to dwell within the confines of your free will and ability to choose.

As things overwhelm you with ideas and understandings, it’s within the still of my presence that you will find the sweet space of my peace – it’s from within this place, that I make all things clear and bring clarity to the questions that fly around. 

Keep asking questions my child, keep seeking my face, and as you seek me, you will find me.

I love watching children exploring, this displays the very thing I desire for you today. Keep digging, keep searching for more of me – as will explorers you will come across the gold I have hidden for you to find!