A hard day…..

I want to talk to those of you who are feeling overwhelmed at this moment. I want to say so much to you precious one.

I want to speak to your mind and tell you the past 24-48hours never happened, that everything will be better in the morning. I want to say that difficult things never happen.

I want to speak to your emotions and tell them that your feelings are not bigger than you.

I want to take your heart and tend to it, I want to caress it and tell it that everything is going to be ok.

The reality is, sometimes things don’t return to how they once were.

The reality is that your feelings sometimes feel bigger than you are (even if they are not)

The reality is, today sometimes feels more than you can bare.

The reality is, sometimes we do feel that there isn’t a purpose to what you see (today)

But tomorrow.

God always brings tomorrow.

I am reminded of a clip I saw a number of years ago…speaking of when Jesus died and the grief those who loved him, felt at that moment in time.

It painted a picture.

Everything was chaotic and full of pain. Jesus, their beloved brother, mentor, teacher and friend.

Their world had just fallen apart and everything felt surreal.

The disciples retreated to a room and waited.

I wonder what they talked about.

I wonder what they felt.

I wonder if they doubted at all, if they thought “I want to RUN”….but they chose to stick it out until……the right time.

The clip used the line “It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming”.

Friday was horrendous…..but with Sunday coming – the redemptive part of this story was to come.

Meaning, the morning when Jesus rose from the grave.

The ultimate redemption of what once was so grievous, to no longer grieve again, because the impossible had been made possible.

We had been reunited with God and reunited with HOPE. 

Despite how you feel today, tomorrow will come…..and with it can come the seed of HOPE.

Life throws some unbearably heavy burdens.

It is the very nature of living that we will encounter some amazing days and some absolute shockers!

Those things can either crush you or become a stepping stone to you living differently as a result of that very thing.

The very thing that was meant to discourage you from life, kill your hope, end your dreams and bring you to your knees in darkness doesn’t have to be the end. 

There is so much more to come.

The very thing that was sent to destroy you, can and will make you stronger.

It sound so cliché’ but it’s absolutely true!! 

On your knees….. 

The good thing about that position is……when you are on your knees, it’s a position of letting go and is the very place a light shines. 

Like a spotlight beaming upon the sole space when you exist in this seemingly empty place.

A lone figure approaches as you weep, you cry out….WHY??? Why did this happen? Why do I feel so alone? What’s the point of all of this? 

He stoops down, knees bent, head bowed….His strong arms enfold you  and with them comes a feeling of warmth and security. He feels your tears and weeps with you. You both weep together. He gets no joy from this situation either. He speaks no words, but says so much.

The tears flow even more, but they seem to come from a place of healing, instead of only hurt.

Like they had a purpose.

And after a time, they begin to let up a little.

Some strength seems to return to your body….and you are able to once again look up.

All you can see is light.

How is it….how is it done? That such a dark place can hold such light within it?

His arms continue to hold you and the brain fog clears somewhat, and some clarity returns. 

Then out of your lips come the heart cries. The words, the questions, the injustices, the offenses, the accusations, the pain, the heavy, the feelings of it all come forth.

You speak what your heart wants to scream and He takes it.

He listens, nodding his head in silence and that alone brings solace.

Just speaking it out and letting it go out of your body systems, seem to bring some sense of relief.

He remains.

It’s refreshing to have someone who is willing to be there at your ugliest moment……. and ask for nothing in return. He doesn’t give you hours of advice and well spoken wisdom. He doesn’t tell you what went wrong or tell you how it could’ve been done better. He remains with you, strong, peaceful bringing His presence and His love.

You feel something stir within….and you stand once again.

He helps you to your feet, holding you all the while to ensure you don’t stumble.

Why would someone be here for all of this?

Why would someone be so kind in such a horrible circumstance?

Who is this man?

It is THE one. The one who felt every burden, collected every tear, carried and dealt with every evil intent and action that ever was and is to come.

Why would He do such a thing…..for me. 

Because He is love.

Because He loves you.

Because He loves me.

Because there is hope despite what it feels like today.

Because your life was meant for so much more than what these past days have been.

There is so much fullness to come, if you’ll hang in there.

The feelings of today are but a whisper of the future roars of celebration and joy to come. 

Give up the understanding of things that cannot be understood.

Shed your tears, releasing them to the one that collects them on your behalf and doesn’t waste a single one.

Cry out to the ultimate comforter with your hurts and fears.

Release your heaviness and confusion, release the chaos that whirlpools around inside your head and heart.

Let go of the isolation and feelings of lost – because you are with Him and He is with you. You are not lost or alone.

Let His sweet small voice speak words of tenderness to you child.

“You are ok.

You are going to get through this.

You are not alone. 

I am with you always precious child of mine.

Your grief will last but a moment, I WILL turn this for you and for those who are struggling. 

Let me plant in you a seed of hope, allow me to water it and tend to it within you. Let me do something impossible with this situation and these feelings. Let me show you how good I can make things.

I know this day has been beyond what you feel you can bare, but it is not too big for me.

I know it’s been hard, harder than you feel you can deal with, but when something is hard, with me it is brought into a place of purpose and of meaning.

With me, everything has hope 

Together we can get through this and we will use this time.

It will not be lost or forgotten.

This life and circumstance will become part of your story and it will be redeemed. 

Allow me to speak words of life over you my beloved.

Your life is far more precious than the most valuable of diamonds.

Do not look to the things and feelings around you and think they are the things that count.

It is me and my ways that have the final word.

I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you are future and a hope.

This is the absolute truth.

I long to encourage you to keep going in what you are doing.

I use every experience, every loss, every gain to your advantage – so that you will experience my trustworthiness. 

Trust me with your life.

Trust me with your body.

Trust me with your family.

Trust me with your worries and your cares.

Trust me with your plans and purposes.

Trust me.

Trust me for I am worthy of your trust.

Let me exchange your heaviness for my peace.  

When you are weak little one, I can be your strength.

Rest with me a while and I will restore to you all that you need for this moment.

I am here.

I am here for you right now.

Ask me what I would say to you and you will hear me, you will be comforted, you will be strengthened, you will know my hope as you know me.

Today has been a hard day, but your hard days make the good days all the more wonderful.

With me, even a hard day can be a good one.

I look forward to crouching beside you or wherever you find yourself today.

I am here. You are not alone.”

With much love……Jesus