My Dad used to say something so wise to me as a kid…Treat others how you want to be treated.

This past fortnight I’ve been pondering this in my heart and God has connected it with Kingdom Culture.

Bare with me for a moment as I ask you a question…….

What do you think Heaven is actually like? What are the angels doing? Where is God sitting? How does it feel? What are the saints doing?

As you have those images in your mind, think about this….

…The church is a snapshot of heaven. We are a picture of heaven.

Look around, how are we doing?? What does heaven look like to others, as they meet us?

The people you see before you are God’s beloved and precious ones.

The person sitting next to you has such treasure within them, just as you do.

The person up the front has probably gone through a lot to be there today,  how can we build them up?

The musicians are part of the atmosphere changers.

As others get up and share from the heart, as they speak out testimonies that have cost them along the way, ones that have required sacrifice and time…and God has done something incredible – LET’S CELEBRATE!!!!

This fortnight has shown me that in all these musings, we have a choice. We can wear the grave clothes of yesterday or put on God’s goggles.

God goggles allow us to see people as God sees them.

God Goggles allow us to care and love others in healthy, meaningful ways.

God Goggles allow us to rise above comparison and truly celebrate another person’s journey.

God Goggles lift us within our current circumstance despite what comes, because we are seeing things as God see’s them, and this is always redemptive!

Today, what piece of attire will you be putting on? How does God want to bring Heaven to our church today, in this moment? How are you contributing to the change?

Here’s the thing that I sensed God showing me about all of this….the more we invite Him in, the more we let go of our old man ways, the more we seek to abide in thanks then the more it grows within us as a church.

So what is it, that you want church to be? A little piece of heaven? I hope so.