It’s been ages since I posted anything, as some of you might’ve noticed.

We’ve been going through some significant family circumstances and some high stress situations. I wonder if anyone can relate? lol.

But, life is settling down somewhat and now I have had the first opportunity, more importantly prompting to share what I sensed He wanted to encourage you with today. xxxxx

your story

This story begins as we were driving home from the chiropractor one afternoon… the idea about sharing my life story arose in my thoughts. I began planning the highlight reel of recent times, trauma, illness, drama etc…..and realised that much of it was so incredibly negative and tiring just thinking about. Shouldn’t I be focusing upon the good things, marriage, babies and so forth…

It left me feeling ill at ease….

I asked God, “Why is so much of my story negative, I don’t want my story to look like this. Why do I see it like this? Surely I should be looking at the positive things?? What’s wrong with me?”

negative thought image


He patiently responded “Ask me to tell you, how I see your story.”

So I did….

And BOY OH BOY!!!!!!

Can I encourage you, ask Father what your story looks like to Him.

It is one of the richest questions I have ever asked Him and is completely affirming.

talking with Jesus

As I journaled the memories, ideas, thoughts He brought to mind, the pages filled.

I could have written the things He brought to my mind for a lot longer than I did, but my heart was filling up as He shared and I stopped writing, as my heart-felt full to the brim with His love for me.

He told me, “this is the truth filled story, this is your eternal story.” WOW!!!!!

He then highlighted the fact, that when I was looking at my story through my eyes, I only saw the beginnings and rarely took into account the redemption of each circumstance – the God factor. It was so true…I had been looking at the “what had happened to me/us, rather than, what He had been doing amidst it!”


Wrong filter = one tired and negative thought pattern

God’s truth filter = life-giving, warm, loving, pure version of a life honed by Him.

Can I encourage you today…..the negatives in life are just the beginning of the story.

Each one has been redeemed for me, by a loving God, a healing God, a caring Father, and I pray that this is your experience too.

When I look at my story, I am learning to see it as He does….for me, it wasn’t  circumstance or situational – but RELATIONAL.

Every highlight for Him about my story, were the very things that we either did together or when I chose Him over other things. In truth, it was our story.

our story

I pray that your story with Him is something you choose to ask about, you will be surprised what you hear. Write them down, as He brings them up – then read over what He has said and be blessed again and again.

in this world


I pray an empowerment over the reader today, 

to hear you clearly,

to see you in their story from your perspective,

allow their hearts to fly (as mine did/does) as they listen to your truth filled version of

your highlight reel of their story.

Bless them ever so big heavenly Father.

Thankyou for them.

Thankyou for their lives,

Thankyou that their hard times are opportunities to draw closer to you and be shown the

way forward when there seems no other way out. 

Thankyou that you are an answers God, who loves to pour fresh water upon thirsty hearts and minds. 

In Jesus name, I release this all to you.

Amen. xxxxx