coffeeWoke this morning desperately wanting at least one more hour of sleep. My body ached and I felt heady… was this day going to play out I wondered. I decided in my mind “This day will be good!” “Good morning, Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit! I look forward to this day with you all.”

We are currently having our driveway asphalted. The guys have been working for weeks on it and we have talked a great deal over the month. This morning as I struggled down the steps to get to the car, the main guy C came over to say good morning. You know those times where you just don’t feel like being chipper. Well, that would have been a totally accurate word for me today. I did however, ask God to work regardless….lol…and He did.

C doesn’t have a faith as yet…..but I know it’s coming! As I chatted with him this morning, he commented to me that he ate the same sort of things I did and mentioned his naturopath. It was a funny way to begin, but I was able to share with him about what I was studying, seeing amazing miracles and wanting to partner with God in my own healing. This opened up a whole conversation which was so encouraging and life affirming.

As we chatted,  I felt to encourage him in his business and the kind of character he had. How it stood out and set him apart from the rest…. I told him about the day I had met him I felt instant peace from God about using him to do the work. He was really chuffed! lol. Then we talked about God, peace, mysteries, life and it ended with him sharing how one of his mates and I sounded exactly the same in how we spoke. lol….(we must have a similar Dad I reckon! C commented and saw that instantly!!! lol)

C went on to share with me about a girl he was interested in and a whole whack of information about his life. So honest and I think it kind of shocked him that he was sharing it. What a beautiful privilege though….Praise God I got to encourage him and bless him at the end. I challenged him to ask God to give him a peace about this girl if it was right, and a feeling of unrest if they weren’t for one another. He said he already had it! lol. Good stuff.  God is so good!

As I headed off to the car, my body and mind were buzzing with joy!!!! What a great privilege to have had such a rich conversation.

I recounted the experience to hubby as we headed off to the chiropractor. He was blessed by hearing about it too.

As we got some minor adjustments done, a conversation was had about some really amazing things. He shared about the latest life events etc…I also got to share with him a bit about what was happening with me at the moment, and how I felt to just trust God with my health. Prior to this time, J would have scoffed a bit at a comment like that, instead – he said that was great I was trusting and getting results. lol. He commented that my body was doing pretty well, compared to the last time I saw him. Yay!!! We got to encourage him also in his walk, his marriage, his life and blessed him in all that he did. He was blessed and this was evident by the grin on his face.

As we paid the bill, we met up with S. Who I have mentioned in a previous blog. I felt to ask her if she had a photo of her little fella. 3year old man at home D. D was as cute as a button and I was able to encourage her and speak life words over him and her as his Mum. She was really warm in this transaction and I felt God at work in it.

After that, we headed off to the next door coffee place and had noticed a police car earlier parked out the front, was now absent. As hubby ordered his triple shot flat white…we noticed the owner looking a tad frazzled. She took out a plastic tub with cash rolling about in it. She apologised for the lack of register tray. We asked her what had happened? She then told us they had been broken into last night. She was really angry and pretty upset inside. Outside she was putting on the happy-go-lucky, joy girl….inside she was seething. We tried to encourage her, as she spat out the words Karma will come round for that drug addict loser.

I don’t normally talk too much about it, but I felt to mention it to her….I commented that my brother had been an addict. lol. She instantly apologised….this prompted a mass conversation about addicts and the whys of it all. After 10 mins or so, she came up to us again and asked me how my brother was. I was able to share with her about his God encounter and how God had healed him completely. She said that was amazing! This lead to some other chit chat….She spoke about how the community wasn’t safe anymore and how she used to believe people were generally good. We encouraged her to keep believing that, because everyone in that place was choosing to be that for someone else. At this stage other’s began adding their 2 cents worth in. It was an encouragement fest!!!!

Later, after she went to clean some tables, I saw inside her heart….and she was struggling. So I asked how she was really doing. That did it! Her eyes welled up, the anxiety and anger she felt came out as she told us all that had been happening in her life. Poor darlin… they’d been hacked twice and someone had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from their account, car troubles, a tonne of other stuff and now this mornings event! “How much can one person take!” she said.. I felt such compassion for her, and knew she just wanted it all to stop…….I felt her struggle and upset, and found myself looking right at her. She needed something, and I felt God prompt me.. so I went and gave her a Big Ol Hug. She was a little weirded out for a half second (awkward!!! lol….) then she squeezed me so hard as she put her head down and just enjoyed the comfort for a few moments.  She took a deep breath, said thanks for that,  and then went on with making coffees.

Hubby and I finished up and went to leave. I felt a word drop into my spirit for her, so as we returned our plate and cup I said “I really feel like I God wants to bless you. I pray He restores everything back to you that’s been stolen, with interest!” lol…..The next words out of her lips were priceless. She turned to her employee and said with complete wide-eyed amazement – you said the exact same thing to me this morning! She said that was amazing!!! I felt like God was confirming something for her in her own spirit. She commented “I like the fact that you said I get interest though.” lol. We laughed after that. It was such a joy. She said to me, “you make the most perfect Mum, thanks so much for coming in you guys. I feel so much better!” As we walked out, hubby noticed that her front glass door was smashed and the signage needed to be replaced.

Bless his big heart, he then went back and said – We’d like to replace your trading hours signage for you – here’s our number, give us a call when the glass is in. She was completely overwhelmed by God’s goodness. She insisted on paying for it, but Hubby was like “No….just let us bless you. You’ve been through a lot.””We left her saying, “wow, there is goodness in this world, isn’t there.” So touched by this whole morning. So moved by hubby’s act of generosity. He said to me later that he wanted to know how he could help, and that idea popped in. lol. So good!!!

What a power morning!!!! Praise you God for your goodness in all circumstances and situations!!! You turn everything to blessing and delight… us to be aware of the moments we can have in adventuring with you. amen. xxxxx