I have had some pretty amazing things happen over the past week. It has been a most challenging, but wonderful week of being more aware of what the promptings from the Holy Spirit are and then simply endeavouring to do them. New and old ways, always looking for how God is speaking to me today. It’s fraught with fun and much delight for my soul. I plan to share a few of these with you, in order to encourage you to dare to believe you can be used in such beautiful ways that make this world heavenly for another.

Earlier this week in a dream, I was given a complete download for my first Pastor and his wife. It was to write a letter of blessing to them, to encourage them. I was to honour them for the choices in life and to tell them how much it had impacted my own faith. Within the dream download I was given specific lines to write. When I awoke the next morning I set about writing them the letter. It took a good part of the day and went for six pages, but it was a delight to write.

You see a fortnight ago,  I was out by the clothesline with one of our children and we were talking about something. It was at this moment, that I was given the memory of my pastor teaching the same thing to me over 20 years ago. A seed was planted to let him know how much that had impacted me. It wasn’t the first time I found myself being thankful for them, so after the dream, it was an easy thing to do.

I am unsure how he’ll respond and not having seen or spoken to him for about 15 years, I am not even sure where he is at in his faith. I don’t know his denomination. I don’t know his life events. I don’t know what his health is like. I don’t know what they are like as a couple.

What I DID know, that after this dream, I was aware of my love for them and what they invested in me from my teen to young adult years. I found myself so greatly appreciative of the heart with which he lead us. I appreciated his gentle manner, and now as an adult realise the conflicts he would have no doubt had to deal with in his season. He did it with such grace and patience.

It was an honour for me to be able to write this letter, penning the impact his life had upon mine, and now the next generation. As I was writing the letter, Holy Spirit was opening up a range of ideas and blessings for Mr.G. So we wrote it together. There is a little risk involved as I have a few denominational differences from the time I grew up to now….but I know Holy Spirit will travel with that letter and will have actually gone on ahead before it.

When you have a seed of an idea, dare to  ask God about it. Dare to believe that it’s not random, but a God prompting with the potential for life changing power behind it. You carry heaven within you because Jesus lives within you. From the smallest thing to the largest it is not beyond HIM….and if it’s not beyond Him, then it’s not beyond you and I!

Asking and trusting God in the little things leads to such blessing. You never know what will happen as a result!

p.s.  It is key to ensure we continue to appreciate our leaders, our employers, the people that give and devote themselves to helping others. Thank them every once in a while. Tell them something good for a change. They get plenty of advice and criticism (no doubt!) so serve them something that brings delight to their life, so that they can continue on leading, serving and blessing others.