It had been a sour week and I craved a little kindness, a little gentle, a little sweet.

Family tough with multiple members unwell, living in mystery, and depleting fast – sour

The tanks were depleted, as we endeavoured to navigate this hard, hard time – sour

The tasks were high and constant – sour

Everything felt a mess. It had done for the past few months – sour.

But God….


“Lord, I need some sweet!!!!”

Getting some things accomplished, things I COULD do something about was the prompt.

(I’ve been using a new app called Focusmate – an app that connects people who want to work alongside one another for a time and smash some goals. People from all over the world day or night – and this kind of thing allowed me to meet some fabulous people.)

This morning, I didn’t feel like giving, I didn’t feel like chatting or being social – but I needed some accountability. So I booked a session and waited.

“Lord, please bring me someone safe. I don’t need, or want hard today.”

Jason was due in 3 minutes.

Three minutes came.

Three minutes went – No Jason.

Message popped up:

‘Your focusmate partner has not arrived, but the good news is, we have someone ready to join your meeting.’

I clicked join and met the delightful Jamie – from the US.

The second she arrived, I knew she was a God-girl!

Her broad smile and pearly whites shone His light.

My Spirit leaped at this good gift – although there is always an awkward second – where I get to decide, am I going to mention God here? Or will I just stay task focused?

Jamie shared her goal for today, “To be honest Karen, I’ve been so overwhelmed, my brain is in overwhelm. I just need to do a brain dump.

“Oh, my gosh! That was me yesterday, I get it!”

As she spoke, I related to all she was saying and recalling the piece of writing it had inspired in my heart.

Just yesterday I had spent some time pouring out my heart, and all that was heavy on my heart – I had actually started writing a children’s book about ‘Overwhelmedness, Brain Fullness and what to do with it!!! SWEET

(You can’t make this stuff up!!!! lol)

She tacked on, “I’ll just go where the Spirit leads me.” SWEET.

Confirmation that I needed to jump out of my task boat, and become relational once more. SWEET.

Energy coursed through my body for this moment, (and for the first time in days,) I felt motivated to pour into someone else again. SWEET.

“Jamie, would it be okay if I prayed for you?”

“Oh Karen, that would be amazing! I was just really needing that today.” SWEET.

I spoke to God about Jamie, a few simple words – she was touched.

How does He do it?

I wasn’t meant to be meeting with Jamie.

I didn’t know this precious woman – but felt a kinship immediately.

But there is something about asking God for what we need specifically. I needed some SWEET. Life had been filled with layers of sour and I was depleted – and Here He was – displaying His intricate and loving nature.

Allowing both of our needs to be met, in a chance meeting, that was oh so SWEET!

We both laughed, realizing how God had provided for both of us in such a special way.

Following the meeting and we chatted some more, Jamie shared a little of her life and heart – as an HR consultant.

The previous day I had watched the film ‘Spotswood’ (an Aussie film about an HR consultant!!!!) God had gone ahead of this meeting in every possible way.

Today, I wanted to share this with you, because I have gotten out of the habit of sharing His goodness, and today….well…..

I wanted to celebrate once again – despite all that is happening.

Praise You God!!!