I was praying for someone and the painful family situation that they were walking through. (a senstive subject that I might broach another time, as prompted.)
As I felt His peace come, I knew that something significant had happened, even if I never saw the outcome.

(We gotta be willing to be content to live with mystery sometimes, don’t we.)

I sat down to spend some time journaling about what He’d done. What He had shared during prayer had ministered to my own heart without me knowing at the time. And then went on to speak to a friend later on in the week!!! (Who knew!!! lol) His timely words often speak to many.

My heart began filling up with bursting joy which flowed out onto the page.

Our first official poem came pouring out…. lol…and I felt to share it with you today. (gulp, vulnerable act right here.)

We serve a BIG God, and rest assured, His love is not beyond us.

Its before our BIG issues. Its within them, even when we don’t ‘feel’ it, He is present.

And He cares more than we’ll ever wholly realize in our lifetime.