A simple day today… amidst the daily activities,  God is evident in all.

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Took the girls for a holiday haircut…had a profound discussion with the hairdresser about life, rest and identity. (She wouldn’t describe it in those words though.?) This stunning extroverted,  adhd chatting Queen showed me God’s print in such a huge way.

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It was an hour of constant talk (or listening on our part that is….) but the most telling comment of hers from the conversation was this:

“I just keep doing…..if I stop, I find these weird thoughts entering into my head.”

My Spirit leapt upon hearing this comment from her!!!!

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I asked her what kinds of thoughts she had when she stopped. She answered “..weird stuff…songs like the Aeroplane jelly ad, vegemite ads and kiddie stuff”… (she mentioned others which I cant recollect.) We all had a giggle at the songs that came to her whenever she wasn’t filling time.


I asked her whether she thought that these songs might be showing her something about herself?

She replied, “like what kind of things?”

I suggested maybe they were prompting her to revisit the things that she enjoys….like when she was a little girl. Were they reminding her of a fun time.  (The songs were all childhood ones)

She looked saddened for a split second and said,  “I wouldn’t have a clue what that would be anymore.”

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She quickly went to a different place, a hairdresser, time filling, chitter chatter about fluff. Lol. That’s less thought provoking and probably “safer”…but I became aware that when we do this, we are sometimes running from something that would open up our worlds in the best possible ways!

She may not know it yet,  but God planted seeds in her today – I felt Him planting ideas for her.

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I felt Him stirring a desire to ask about why these thoughts would come in when she stopped.

I saw Him touching a deep place in her heart,  where she realized her whole life was about loving her family and  attending her 2 boys and hubby’s activities…. (quad bikes, football, water sports and camping) none of which engaged her joy design.

She laughingly commented that wine made it all better for her. It felt empty as she said this.

Why do we run away from reflection? What is it that scares us so?

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I came away with the awareness that so many of us have done what this woman does….many of us still do.

*We forget that we are at our best when we stop (I could stop right here really)

*We forget to stop and listen to those promptings that God pops in…..He is constantly tending to us, speaking life over us and showing us how life can flourish with Him.

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* We can often think we know what’s best and yet God knows us better than ourselves. He knows how to connect us to what we need in any given moment.

*We can all medicate emptiness.

(with wine, shopping, tasks, things, busyness…etc..etc..etc.)

*No judgement here, just a realisation that we all run from God and His goodness at times, run to whatever is easy, whatever is at hand,  whatever helps us to zone out from being present and in the moment.

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We often get lost in the flow of others lives….(particularly as Mothers, Wives or being a woman).  Forgetting what we enjoy.  Forgetting who we are in the process of it all.

Precious readers and friends….be encouraged today.

Our Father loves you.

He knows you.

He understands what makes you thrive and flourish in life.

The real question is, what is stopping us from engaging with the One who makes it all come alive?!? And are the thing…it’s that stop us really that important?

I pray that today is a fresh start,  of stopping regularly to listen and to be.

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I bless you with a desire to attune to the One who wants MORE for you than the culture does.

I pray that the drive to strive and be busy takes a back seat, so you can ask Father what you look like to Him. You are so beautiful!

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I pray that God’s powerful, engaging,  enlightening,  life giving fingprint is seen, felt and experienced by you in an increased measure.

God bless you precious one, I’m excited about what He has in store for you today. Full of anticipation of what your adventure with Him will look like…..and would LOVE to hear how God’s fingerprint has touched your world.xxxxxx