I’ve tried to delay the inevitable….the day of releasing the awe I feel being in God’s creation.

He has created life abundant around us and today…. today is the day to invite you into this state of awe that I feel from Him. Today’s fingerprint is of seeing/experiencing God in His creation.

Sitting on the daybed and taking in all the beauty that is around us.

Before us, a tree covered mountain fills the landscape of my eyes. In the background is this volumous mass of dark green, light and shadow,  curved lines, crevices and peaks. It’s height touches the clouds above.

Sky and mountains kiss in this place. They are one in this place.


This speaks to me of intimacy with God and how we can be one with Him in beautiful connection.

Each morning the mist lifts from its peak. Each evening the mist makes it way from the top to the bottom.

Cycles, weather,  evidence of temperature and time.


This reminds me of God’s plan for me, for us. That it hasn’t been thrown together last minute but has been in existence before the beginning of time. A plan that has purpose, design and goodness if we are willing to walk it with Him.

The white cockatoos and other bird life glide and flow with the currents around the mountain. They enjoy the ride.  They land and dive and swing and play.


This encourages me to live like this with His current for me. Not fighting His flow but enjoying the ride with it and with Him.

In the foreground, palm trees as high as telephone poles. Sprouting seed pods bursting from their sides.


Layers of growth carved into their long greying trucks,  reminding me of the great elephant. My eyes watch intently, expectantly…. waiting for them to move,  they look so ALIVE to me.


Each aged line,  a reflection of growth, time and life in this space.

Some have bright red lipstick stalks  and lush green fronds. The palm leaves rustle with the gentle breeze, singing us a relaxing lullaby of rest.



God speaks to me about what is fruiting in my life,  what colours my world, how I too can walk straight with Him, how what I see has layers of things I don’t or can’t see…..it stirs hope within.

God stirs the hope of my life being more than what I can see externally…. that there is more going on than what is felt. God, you excite my heart and bring every cell to life.


The evidence of growth and time is all around.  I see how earth and weather can influence how much life can flourish. In this place plants grow wildly, they love the humid, warm, greenhouse environment of Qld. It makes me ponder how my home environment can help or hinder my own growth-and that of my family.

The northern Queensland vegetation provides a rainbow of visual feast for the senses….. and my senses are full and pinging with appreciation of all they absorb here.


Seeing God in nature is satisfying, thrilling and calming all in one.  It feeds something within,  and produces an outcome of deep abiding AWE of our creator.

His power.

His strength.

His creativity.

His intricacy and personality.

His life giving ways.

His size and majesty.

His enjoyment at bringing us delight.

He captivates my heart and mind as I abide in His presence.

Reminding me through nature,  that He is no small God….but

One who holds the earth on His fingertip and us in His palm.

His creation reminds me of what AWE feels like and I can’t help but engage with the visual, tactile,  life affirming God who made it all.

I’ve attached some pics that won’t do it justice but will give you some idea of why God has moved me with these delights. I pray you look around and take in all He has placed around you too. Go on a walk, drink in the intricacies,  take in the detail, the sights,  the smells…stand in awe of the One who has literally given you the world.



Today’s  reading: I asked God for 2 numbers and then the book. He gave me 8:15 and drew me to Luke.  His fingerprint is everywhere that we give Him permission to speak to us. God is speaking and today He has touched my heart deeply.

“And the seeds that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest.”
Luke 8:15 NLT

Passion Translation Luke 8:15