Some lighter God finger print evidence. Today has been marked by breakthroughs and a deep abiding thankfulness.

Exhibit A.

Some precious friends are now staying at the same hotel, which felt like a little piece of home had arrived.

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Exhibit B.

Leant a book by my friend which basically tells parts my own journey through hardship-so encouraging and validating!


Exhibit C.

Went for a swim after being pushed in by my loving kids….pool play with my kids is fun….I’d forgotten how much.

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Exhibit D.

Daughter made friends with someone she didn’t know-proud Mumma moment. Turns out they live in the place where I have holidayed all my life… what are the odds!?!?

Exhibit E.

Blessed by the gift of a meal -upon reading the menu we discovered our “go to” breakfast place has a God story of it’s own. Their story is on the back of their menu.  So encouraging! Thankyou Chill Cafe Palm Cove-you are the gift that keeps on giving!


Exhibit F.

Didn’t worry about being gluten/ dairy/sugar free, ate it all and enjoyed every bit of it. Fish tacos and caramel soy milkshake.  Delish. Asked God to let it all bless my body and didn’t worry about the ramifications, just enjoyed it.


Exhibit G.

Stopped off with the crew to get celebratory gelato!!! (Mango and banana sorbet-delish).  Looked at the huge selection and became aware of the truth that God created some very creative people…in the making of gelato.  Thankfulness abound.


Exhibit H.

Realised upon arriving home from a looooong walk,  that I’ve never done that while being here…7 years of holidays at this time….as I’ve always been too crook or it’s been too humid. Able to exercise and feel physical strength.  So much to be thankful for….

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God you have enabled and empowered me to be restored today. My body has blessed me today and has not failed me on any level.  Wow….it feels great to be strong,  I’m so very thankful for this day.

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