Arriving at Mum’s for Christmas lunch  I noted a strange looking new meat, sitting on the cutting board.

A white meat,  with bacon woven around its flesh….the Turducken!


My brother commented that maybe it was more of a turdorken – seeing as though it had not only the turkey,  duck and chicken. ..but pork as well…

Too much!!!!

All I felt was that it provided a poor (but funny) exchange for the very thing God gave us naturally.

Yes…the turducken was tasty…but wasn’t turkey pretty awesome already?

Living in God’s place of peace is sweet.

So I’m endeavoring to live in the sweet space of contentedness, when all around me screams against it.

By all means enjoy the turducken!

But join with me in learning to enjoy the simple things in life too.

Stepping away from complications and embracing the pure and lovely.

The simple sights.

The simple tastes.

The simple sounds.

And in the simplicity, God makes things come alive once again.

So thankful for Him and His ways.


Thankyou for the deliciousness you created in natural foods.

Thankyou for the sweet space of your presence…bringing complicated things into simplicity once again. 

Thankyou for the art of learning to be content in whatever circumstance I find myself in. 

Thankyou that you make all things new.

Please show me how to be content in all things. 

Settle my soul so that it stops wanting to race forward all the time….help it to enjoy the moment it finds itself in. 

Help me to engage with the moment,  rather than live in the tomorrow’s-which never come. 

Align the parts of me that desire more of things that I don’t need.

And grow the desire to live simply, and enjoy the life that you’ve lavished upon me.  

Thankyou for it ALL. Thankyou for your beautiful creation. Thankyou for speaking to me through simplicity-so that I can understand. 

Father, develop in me the self control and discernment that alerts me to the people,  places and things that pull me away from you,  rather than draw me nearer.

I love you and your beautiful ways Lord. Resting in you now.

Drinking in your peace. 

Bring present and content in this moment with you. 

Amen.  Xxxxx