We’d known one another for the past 10 years or so, he’d helped us greatly with our previous home. J had proven a gentle spirited, honorable man and this was reflected in his excellent work.

It’s always a privilege listening to people’s journey’s and J’s was no exception.

That last time we’d seen one another, someone in his business had cheated him of tens of thousands of dollars. J had worked for months behind the scenes, setting up the deal, but at the final moment, they went behind his back. Stealing thousands of dollars from his family through underhanded dealings.

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J was angry, understandably so. It had been a tough day for this usually composed guy and his demeanour reflected it. His eyes looked raw and glazed. He paced the floor and his usual happy go lucky outlook was in hiding. He tried to put on a brave face, but there was no chance with God on his case.

Are you ok J? It looks like something big has just happened?

He shared a helicopter view of what had happened.

THere was no neat little bow at the end of the story.

Just raw, pain, disgust and disappointment.

Humanly, it felt so wrong, that someone so kind and honest, would be treated in this way.

“They stole the food outta of my kids mouths you know.”

He was wrestling with all the aspects of it internally, and possibly carrying some blame for having trusted the parties involved.

He’d been working on this deal for months, investing time…time away from family…for what???


It was just plain wrong.

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My spirit rolled around, feeling uneasy and restless.

Righteously angry, that someone had treated J in such underhanded ways.

This is just wrong Lord.

It is!

Bless J and his family and business. I will restore these stolen things to him and more.

I felt a boldness to speak, and blurted (without any planning)

“I’m going to pray that the money which has been stolen from you, will be restored to you with interest.”

He was touched by this offer….”Oh thanks…That would be great!”

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I could see he didn’t believe it, but he sincerely appreciated that we cared.

A number of months down the track, we connected to exchange some paperwork.

After some initial chit chat, a reminder of that offer to pray was brought back to mind.

Had I prayed about that?!?!?

I’d prayed a couple of times at the time, but hadn’t thought about it since.

I wonder what happened?

“Hey, out of interest, how’s work been since we saw you last J?”

“It’s funny you say that. It’s been busier than it has been in about a year! It has jumped ahead. Crazy!”

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“Oh, isn’t that wonderful! So rapt for you and the family. That’s awesome!”

He continued sharing how good it had been and how he hadn’t had a year like this ever before.

My heart smiled BIG. My eyes glistened at what God had done…..

Lord, this is AMAZING!!! You are AMAZING!!!!

I couldn’t help but share this with J, about who was at the source of his recent blessings.

“Do you remember the last time you were here and how that guy dishonored you?”

“Yeah, how could I forget that…..”

“Well do you see what has happened since then?”

He looked confused.

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“You just said that you had loads of work, more than you’d had in a year.”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s been great.”

“Do you remember how we said we’d pray that you’d be compensated with interest after those guys cheated you?”

“……..hmmmm…….yeah…..I …..do…..remember….that…..”he said, trying to recall the conversation.

And then I saw it finally pop in… “Oooooh…yeah, now that you say that. I do.”

“Well….sounds like something significant has happened. Maybe that prayer has been answered.”

His eyebrows lifted and he nodded his head repeatedly…..maybe.. I could see the cogs were turning inside his brain, as he tried to make sense of it. What logically had happened? It couldn’t be explained in a heart which didn’t yet know Him.

Regardless, we all laughed at the idea that it had ‘come off.’

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Later in the meeting, J headed towards the front door, throwing out a final goodbye and this line….

“Well, keep praying Karen, we always need more work.”

My heart smiled at this, as he set off.

Most people whether they believe in God or not, are happy to be prayed for when asked.

Most will be happy to reap the blessing and benefits of God if offered. What if, as those prayers are seen and experienced, it builds faith in someone’s heart, that might not even know He exists yet.

My hope at this time, was that J would begin to experience the goodness of God for himself. That this one small event, would create a case for Christ in J’s heart.

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