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Step into a world of imagination and adventure as you explore our collection of children’s books. From lighthearted mischief of Gracie the groodle to a picture book “I Can’t Believe They’re Gone” dealing with grief, loss, and emotions. These carefully crafted kids books are just the start. Our shelves will be expanding soon with new tales that will capture the hearts and minds of young readers.

At our Kids’ Bookstore, we believe in the power of stories to inspire, educate, and entertain. Whether you’re seeking bedtime stories that whisk your child away to dreamland or books that nurture their growing curiosity, we’re here to guide you on a journey through the pages of wonder and discovery.

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I Can’t Believe They’re Gone Review

“Absolutely love this book. I visited Karen a week after her dear friend died and she had been writing this book that day. As Karen read it to me I cried!! So, so good. So, so healing. So profound. It is all encompassing of the grief responses and helps makes sense of the various emotions we may feel with grief. Highly recommend. If you only ever buy one book – this is the book to buy.”

– Jane Berry

I Can’t Believe They’re Gone Review

“Karen has a gift of healing broken hearts with words,”

– Charmaine

I Can’t Believe They’re Gone Review

“I Can’t Believe They’re Gone is a really solid book about grief and loss, and ways of channelling and handling emotions while incorporating the stages of Grief. The author shares her grief surrounded by the loss of a loved one and utilizing appropriate coping skills. This book reminds us that healing and learning to acknowledge and create space for grief are an essential part of the healing process. A great book for someone who is going through the experience of Grief.”

– Dr. Crystal Russell LPC

I Can’t Believe They’re Gone Review

“Parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone facing a deep loss will find this treasure of a book a port in the storm of painful grief”

I Can’t Believe They’re Gone Review

“Karen’s book confronts the issue of grief in a gentle and yet profoundly moving way. The characters each experience their own emotions in ways we can all relate to in seasons of grief. For child to read this at a time of loss, it will bring a deep sense of being understood and heard… a chance to reflect and share safely with those they trust. I think this is a wonderful resource for therapists, supporters and families when a child has lost someone they love. Bravo, Karen.”

– Rachel McGregor, AMAPS, Registered Psychologist

I Can’t Believe They’re Gone Review

“Karen’s book will be treasured by children and adults to help them in this painful life happening.

“Parents, carers, teachers, and therapists will find this little gem has the gift of healing broken hearts and helping make sense of our responses at this painful time”

– Charmaine Holmes BSW , AMHSW. (Clinical Social Worker and Family Therapist)

I Can’t Believe They’re Gone Review

“The emotional literacy of grief is scarce. Carefully crafting this tale, Karen creates space to acknowledge the internal turmoil of grief, as an alternative to awkward silence or dismissive statements. Karen gently guides the reader through a wheel of possible emotions, validating their response and expression. It is in the safety of normalising emotions that the reader is supported to explore creative ways to journey through grief to resume a healthy life after the loss of a loved one.”

– Victoria Roberts (State Nurse Coordinator supporting improved health outcomes after the impact of Trauma)

Gracie The Groodle Review

“I’m am adult who loves reading good children’s books. Anyone else?

This book is full of fun and joy. Gracie is a riot. I love the page where she wraps herself up “like a sushi roll.” My dog does the same thing!

Looking for a breath of fresh air and happiness, read this book!”

– A.Hofmann

Gracie The Groodle Review

“My son loved the graphics and re-enacting some of Gracie’s moves. The book is well illustrated and great for very visual children. It would have been nice to have more written words within the pages, but my child loves it, so that is all that matters.”

– Mrs. R Bivens

Gracie The Groodle Review

“My 6-year-old son liked this book. He especially enjoyed how the picture came up on the next page. He took some time processing the sentence, and then the picture affirmed what Grace was up to; this made him giggle and enjoy it even more! A couple of new words were added to his lexicon. Thank you, Karen, for a great book. A great read for kindergarten kids.”

– Leigh.R.Martin

Gracie The Groodle Review

“Cute book about a cute dog. My son has a golden doodle and he is one smart dog. Very playful still at 10 years old. These delightful dogs do steal the hearts of anyone who meets them. This cute story literally explains in detail and the cute images display the story of a true doodle (oh sorry, groodle). Gracie, as all pups, are so charming they win over their owners and instantly become part of the family. This darling book could be a sales ad for a doodle (groodle) for sure. They make great pets and fun for sure and we could all learn something from Gracie about unconditional love for and acceptance of others.”

– Cherie

Gracie The Groodle Review

“A lovable main character and beautiful illustrations make this book a great gift for the dog lover in your life.”

– MS Seymour

Gracie The Groodle Review

“A lovely book, great for young readers. Beautifully illustrated with a charming story. I’m sure all dog lovers have known a Gracie.”

– Kandy Witte

Gracie The Groodle Review

“A wonderfully sweet book about an adventurous puppy. A puppy any family would love despite any trouble he may get into. Any family with a dog will relate to this story.

I received this book as a gift.”

– Mandy Farmer