Yesterday as I sat in the car waiting for the kids to get out of their classes, a wave of anxiety came over me. As I sat there declaring my trust in God to handle all that was worrying me….I felt a line come into my heart and mind.

It was “Know your limits.”

Hours later, I was speaking to a friend who said that she has recently been learning what her natural rhythms and limits were in life. We both have hubby’s that work in their own businesses, lots of kids and all that that entails. In amidst it all, we both found that we were having to fight to keep our peace in this current season. I wonder if anyone out there feels the same?

This morning God talked to me more about that line of Knowing my limits.

Knowing my limits is not limiting the outcome with God, He was talking to me more about my human capacity. With God anything is possible, there are no limits – so in Him we are limitless.

Spiritually of course God doesn’t have limits, but humanly we do.

As I looked into Jesus life as a man here on this earth, I realised afresh that he too knew his limits.

It seems strange to think of Jesus having limits.

He was fully man….of course he had limits!

  • He took himself away to quiet places.
  • He withdrew to pray.
  • He spent time being refreshed by His heavenly Father.

I imagine Jesus today, I don’t think I would ever see him having spent all he had in energy, time at the office, come home to plomp on the couch and recover from Friday to Sunday – in order that he might return once more to push himself yet again.

He would be taking care of the body he was given, healthy eating, rest, hydration, walking in God’s presence throughout his day and retreating to quiet places to be refreshed inside and out. It is a golden way to live life, don’t you think? I do now…..

Many  years ago, I was running at such a pace in life, that I didn’t have time to take care of myself. I was doing the culturally acceptable thing of pushing through. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…..

The only problem for me, was that my body was pushed beyond its physical limits.

This resulted in me collapsing at a family dinner, unable to move my arms, head dropped to the side as I slipped off the chair.

It was a MASSIVE wake up call.

I had suffered with consistent headaches for 6 weeks prior – but hadn’t any wiggle room in my calendar to tend to my body.Or any time to even consider looking after myself, or even asking the question – why have I had this headache for so long.

This one event, has left me with a compromised body and immune system (until my healing comes. As a side note:  It has also left me with 6 years of life sifting and learning about what really matters to me. God has redeemed much in this time, He has drawn closer to me, as I have drawn to Him….and I like that!)

If as you are reading this, feel a twang of familiarity  or conviction – I implore you – please don’t ignore it. You are worth it!

I believe it’s time for the body of Christ to be known for their health.

  • For their wisdom.
  • For their discernment.
  • For their Love.
  • For “Knowing our limits” – our boundaries.
  • For knowing our value in and to God, because I am priceless to Him – as are you!

He desires us to have wiggle room in our schedules, plenty of oil left in our lamps and time enough – to process and hand over all that has encroached upon what should be, our simple lives.

I am inspired to live more simply in this season.

As the pointy end of the year closes in upon us, I encourage us both, get beside our Father God and spend a little time just working out whether things are what they could be, in Him….

I certainly will be.

I don’t wish to live beyond my limits or beyond which God has placed upon my heart for one more minute than I have to, and I don’t want that for you either. xxxxx


Oh Father,

It is a tricky thing to live in this society and pace of life and not be affected or taken up by it – like with a freak wave in the ocean.

Sometimes I feel like that kid on the crocodile add….my head went that way, my legs went that way.

I don’t want to live beyond what you desire for me Father.

I have allowed plenty of life clutter to busy up the places, where you wanted me to rest, or to spontaneously visit someone, message someone, love someone.

Please forgive me precious Father, I am so sorry for this.

I long to do better for you,  and for us together.

Thankyou sooooo much for loving me without borders, for forgiving me without limits, for patiently coming alongside me daily and whispering the way forward…the next step….the path that runs closer to you.

That is the place I want to be Father….I desperately want to remain there with you.

When I get to heaven, I want to recognise you and have you say –  it’s great to see you again my daughter, let’s keep talking about what we were chatting about a moment ago……. not …”I’ve missed you child, what have you been doing with all those moments I gave you?”.

Father, show me the way to take good care of this body you’ve blessed me with.

Help me to tend to the emotional parts, that need you to carry all the heavies from my day, help me to release them quickly to you Lord.

Show me how you want me to live in this time and place oh precious Father of mine, because I find it hard at times to keep it all together.

Father, there are so many people in need before me and I alone can’t help a single one, without you or your heart.

Highlight the ones that you want me to love and please take care of the ones I miss. Don’t let my lack of ability to listen or be obedient, cost someone else a moment with you and your love for them.

Show me how to ensure that my own family aren’t lost in the busyness of business or the clutter of life.

With you I walk lightly and freely Father, thank you soooooo much for that fact. 

As we walk step in step with one another, me handing over each worry, every fear, any trouble and choosing to trust you with it all – I feel as if every step is as if I was walking on clouds of marshmallow, bouncy, effortless and free.

This is how I am to walk with you. This is a heavenly place to walk, here on earth….it is the place where I am more aware of who you are in any given situation, than being aware of anything else.

Thankyou that you want me to know my limits – and with you they are clear and the best thing for me.

Thankyou for Jesus being a man here on earth, without Him, I would strive and struggle, pushing through it all – but never reaching a place of peace.

With Jesus, I am shown how to rest, how to take care of my body, how to walk in step with you, what to desire from you…..which is relationship….How beautiful!

Thankyou oh darling one. Oh how I love you.  xxxxx