God gave me this encouragement a number of years ago when I found myself unable to function as I once had…… still rings true and lifts me.  I hope it does you as well. xxxxx


I am with you always child.

I see you.

I care for you.

I created you so beautifully.

I see that you feel pressure from outside to be a certain way or think a particular way.

I have created you for greater things than these.

The things that you feel right now or today, will not always be the same as tomorrow.

I have created each new day as a fresh opportunity to live with the resources I have given you for that day.

I never give more than you can handle (when travelling with me.)

I never give you abundance of energy right now, because I am teaching you about relinquishing controlling aspects of your nature. The island parts. The parts that look to live independently of me. They are like moving chess pieces on the board without need of me or consideration of my ways for you.

I want you to truly live.

Living in a controlled way, only creates a prison for you to dwell in. There is little joy there.

There is little life or adventure.

It’s endeavouring to run at a pace, that I didn’t design you for…so why do you continue to compare yourself with another.

I made you to be the best you, that you can be.

You can only be this, within our relationship ……Son, Spirit and I.

You look around and see the things you can’t do.

Well …. I say….look to the things that you are able to do – then trust me to fill any gaps.

You are weak when you depend upon your own strength and resources….for these are limited.

With me, you have the resource of heaven and the love of a Father who wants nothing more than intimacy and obedience. Which both bless you!

Don’t allow the lies of the enemy to consume your thought life.

Come back to me, when you find yourself daydreaming about what was and what isn’t now.

Come back to me precious child, when you feel the lack creeping in.

Come back to me my darling one, if other’s actions and words injure your fragile heart ….and I will redeem them, heal and strengthen you in the process.

I have made you for MORE.

So why would you be content to sit in the LESS when there is MORE?

Come sit with me a while my child…come……come…….come……come beside me and dwell.

Learn to think in the flow of my Spirit.

Learn to see yourself as amazing, just as I see you.

Learn to rest before me and be filled with the resource and energy you need for the day.

Learn to listen before me, then actually hearing my voice of tenderness for you.

My voice which calls you to stop a while, take heart,

be filled,

then go out into all the world and be exactly who you are today!!!!

The past has gone…it was good because it helped to bring you to this place today.

The future is too big to think about, it can become overwhelming for you. It too will be good, but my will for you is to focus upon today.

Be present in the present child, for this is where we work together for the good of yourself and for those around you.

The funny thing about loneliness, is that there are countless others who feel the same – right in this moment with you.

The reality is, that you are most certainly not alone. There are thousands of people who are asking themselves the same questions, feeling the same feelings…but the difference is, they look to medicate with busyness, material wealth or distractions. 

You are ahead of the game, as you have stopped and asked me for what I see and feel about it.

You now know, the strategy of the enemy, and it pales compared to what I have planned for your life.

Be still my precious one.

Be still before me and enjoy my presence.

Don’t leave until you are fully peaceful and ready to start the day.

Don’t move from this place until I have emotionally rejuvenated your weary soul.

Don’t allow your mind to focus upon anything else, but me and my presence.

It’s in this place that you are reminded of your purpose and value in the Kingdom.

It’s in this place that after rediscovering your purpose, that you are able to walk in the next step, which is one of the many, many, many wonderful plans I have for you.

I know it is sometimes so confusing.

I know that you are overwhelmed by the many noises around you. The words, the voices, the music, the constant hummmmm of busyness in lives.

I created you for so much more than to slip into the hummmm.

I created you to dance before the enemies schemes and laugh at the days to come.

I created you as a strong woman of me.

You might feel physically weak at times, but you are strong.

Your feelings don’t always guide you well. They are a tool, a way of sensing that I created for good. Sometimes unknowingly you have placed these, above my voice and promptings – and have worn the exhaustion and confusion that comes as a result.

When this happens – please stop.

Come before me and sit in my presence child.

It’s in this place that I bring clarification to the very things that look to uproot and devastate you in this moment.

You are my child.

I am well pleased with you.

I am well pleased with how you are created.

I am well pleased when you return to me moment by moment and choose to trust me, despite how you feel.

This too pleases me greatly.

I am so proud of you.

I know trials can be tiring, but I am achieving and redeeming much through them.

Trust me once again my precious one.

That takes courage initially, but once you have tasted the sweetness of the riches I bring when you choose to trust….well….Life is Good, despite the challenges – Life becomes good within them.

This current situation will not crush you.

This moment in time will only serve to lift you higher to my purpose and plans for you. If you’ll give it to me, I will make this hard – become as feathers in a windstorm.

You are my treasured daughter and I celebrate you in every moment.

You are the apple of my eye.

You are the joy in my day.

You are one who I love to bless and comfort, tend to and uplift.

The very things that you see as weaknesses, are the very things that make you strong in me.

Be thankful.

Be thankful for what has been, for what is to come and for what is now my child.

You are not alone….for I am with you.

I love you dearly beloved one.