I woke this morning with an oldie but a goodie playing in my heart.

Check it out here.

At the same time,  a friend shared a prophetic word that spoke about leaving behind past traumas,  hurts and living in the now.

God has been patiently teaching this concept to me for (conservatively) my life whole life. Lol.

Have I gotten it yet?

Yes on some levels and a resounding No on others.

Plenty of room for growth here. ?

Learning to live in the now, not living in what is known, understood, experienced or in the shadow of what has happened – BUT living in this present moment. RIGHT NOW.

What a freeing and scary thought.

Especially in this culture – to not plan too far ahead, to release yesterday and being present.

Not worrying about tomorrow but living in today instead.

Wow…. this concept is one which could open up my (and your) world!


* not living out of your past

* living undefined by boxes

*relationally giving others grace to move, grow and change

* freely walking forward as if nothing had ever happened to damage you

*leaving yesterdays drama back there and starting fresh

*living in a constant state of hope

That the next minute,  hour or day could bring along with it something truly magnificent-cause we got out of the way, let go of old habits and mindsets-and embraced what God is showing.

Today, it is clear to me that God is challenging me to dare to live without fear. (This is a vulnerable share,  but felt someone would be reassured by it.)

Fear of collapsing

Fear of sickness

Fear of never getting better

Fear of getting worse

Fear of something going wrong

Fear of Joy being stolen

Fear of (fill in this gap for yourself)


What if, I dared to let go of all of it…

And just went with today as God opened it up.

If all this fear/worry adding anything to my world? Resounding NO

What do I lose by choosing to trust Him with this moment?


What do I gain?

Maybe Everything.  The skies the limit with God at my helm.


Part A.. heading out now to LIVE the day-despite how I feel…and embrace fun with my family,  my God and Hope.

I’ll let you know how we go.?