If you’re anything like me, then some seasons can be a tad overwhelming.

Like this current one for example.

There are many who have told me they feel as if they are running on a hamster wheel of life and can’t slow down…..then I have this funny picture in my head which has them flinging off the wheel instead.

Here is a list of things that have helped me in times of feeling overwhelmed, I hope they help you too – (disclaimer: I write these, not as an expert, but as a reminder for the next time I feel overwhelmed)

1. Journal it out – I journal soooooo much in life. I get all of my emotion, ideas, disappointments and joy times written down. I personally write my journal as a letter to God. Over time, I have found as I write down all of it and get it all out, my writing ends up turning at some point. Encouraging me. Then I realise God has been giving me answers from within the writing, and comforting my heart in the tough times.

2. Take time to breathe – breathing is such a key part to living! lol….and when I am overwhelmed by it all, then stopping to take time to breathe – well…what can I say. It’s refreshing and i often find it clears my head enough to be able to move forward.

3. Write a list – this gets it out of my head and onto something I can see – and most importantly work through. It helps me to keep focused and gives me a sense of celebration as I cross things off.

4. De-clutter the brain real estate – I have this weird way of thinking about my mind and how things are stored. I feel as if our brains are like acres of land, which have been subdivided into various lots. On each lot is a particular topic. I think of the ideas being like livestock moving around on the plots of land. Over time, more animals are added to the various topic plots – as ideas grow, new ones are added etc.  Sometimes my brain seems to become so bogged down with busyness, that I feel like i need to clear the land a little. For computer people, it’s a little like defragging your system. So much vies for our time and energy, and much of it, we do not need to carry from day to day.

5. Let go of the things I can’t control.

6. Friendship audit – Are the people around me life giving or all consuming? Sometimes we need to reassess who we allowing to speak into our lives. There was a time when I only had people who took from me, then found myself gasping for refreshment, as my tank was completely empty. It’s not about rejecting others, but allowing God to guard my heart and show me what’s healthy in relationships. So freeing!!! Having good friends around me has helped to share my problem, bring solutions and encouragement to hang in there. Worth their weight in gold!

7. Calendar review – ensure that my calendar has times of no agenda and room to breath. A fully loaded calendar is like having a brain that is overwhelmed. Take a moment to create some wiggle room. Just like us, having no time to breath can be detrimental to our health.

8. STOP…..just STOPPPPPPP!!!!! I have found that there have been times where I have been so used to the pace of busyness, that stopping is almost uncomfortable for me. If this is the case, then it’s a sign I desperately need to stop and re familiarise myself with rest.

9. Refuelling stations – What brings me person refreshment. What fills the lamp? Then do that!

10. Pray- Jesus take it all!!!! Every single item above have been many of the stops I’ve made before actually getting to this one….but ironically this is the one that always makes a HUGE difference to me in busy seasons. Relinquishing control of it all, allows me mental head space to plan and purpose all the important things in my world, and see the things that I can actually release. Prayer is something that at the end of the day and however you do it, takes the emotional baggage, lifts the burden of carrying things alone, releases tension in the body, invests goodness and hope into the mind. Prayer is the one thing that never lets me down when I am feeling overwhelmed, God loves me that much… thankful for this key in particular.

So go forward precious ones, allow God to show you what you can cull, what can be streamlined and what can be embraced.  Feel free to share if this has been helpful or encouraging. As always, be blessed. xxxxx