“My precious child, I see you scurrying about in your day and all the while I am speaking to you. So much to do. So little time. Never enough.


Take a breath.

take a breath

Be refreshed as you breath in the peace of my presence.

As you acknowledge me within the place you find yourself, the heaviness and stress of that place can fall by the wayside.

The energy and sense of fun can increase in and around you.

As you realise that some of what you do is of this culture, rather than of my Kingdom culture.

Kingdom Culture is about seeing me everywhere.

Kingdom Culture is often the opposite of what you see or feel in your current place.

Dare to believe something you don’t see with your human eyes, and as it aligns with my heartbeat for you – you will see something different.

You will feel a sense of hope build within you.

hope 2

Humanly you will be saying to yourself “I don’t know why I think this is going to happen, but I just feel it from deep within.”

That deep is a knowing, it’s me planting my truth within the deepest parts of you….that the very thing that seemed impossible – is on its way.

Take a breath.

Breath out the worries and weights of carrying all that burdens – and release it to me, my precious one.

Breath in my peace.

Breath in my tangible fresh air for you, breath it deep into your lungs.

Breath easy.

Take a moment and see me in this moment.

Don’t leave this space until you know my presence is tangibly with you.

You will recognise it just by seeing, feeling or becoming aware of the fruit within.

My Love….Joy….Peace….Kindness…Goodness….Faithfulness……Self control….Humility all these and more, expanding within you.


You are choosing to walk through the small gate leading to the narrow road, as you stop and take a breath in me.

When you feel the stress building, the physical symptoms increasing, the relationship tension, the heartache eating away…any of these things and more – my presence can help you.


Take a breath.

Allow the power of my presence to permeate every part of whatever weighs upon you today my child….as you allow me to make a holy exchange within you.

Trust me with whatever is stopping you from being able to take a breath.

Dare to dream with me once again.

I love you my beloved child. I have great plans for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.

Choose the narrow road, because it’s on this road that you experience the life I always planned for you

].narrow road

An exciting road, where burdens become opportunities and impossibilities become possible. What will you choose in this moment?

What is it that seems impossible today, to you?

Dare to dream with me…..what would it look like for that very thing to become possible?

With me….that is a reality.”