Part 2. Friday Morning!

The second part of this morning happened quite unexpectedly…

Recently we had our garage door accidentally smashed into by a friend.

We put in an insurance claim to get it fixed, as the damage was significant and required the entire door to be replaced.

When we got a quote from the garage door mob, they suggested an upgrade to a snazzy German door.

I told them instantly we didn’t need upgrades, we were happy with what we had. I was quite content with what we had, already more than what I could ever have hoped or dreamed of, for myself.

Besides, it’s a garage door, what more does it need to do, but open when I press the button and close when I repress it! It seemed extravagant and the price was over the top.

Well as I stood washing my hair in the shower, thinking about the list of phone calls for the day, pondering the garage door issues, I felt a clear word drop into my thoughts.

“Do you want my upgrade?”

I literally felt a UGH??? drop into my heart in response.

The next line came in loud and clear.

“You can stay where you are with what you have…and that is good….BUT I have an abundant, extravagant upgrade for you. I want to give this to you…just because I love you.”

It was a choice. God wasn’t going to think any less of me if I chose to stay in the same place.

An opportunity for a gift to be given and for His love to be embraced.

Without strings attached. (as is the love of the Father.)

You might ask me what this is about? Yes, it might be about the garage door…but I really think it’s to do with life and the coming season for His precious kids.

I can embrace the abundance that God wants to give me or stay in my current place.

Humanly, I found myself beginning to fear the upgrade…thoughts zipped in like panic moments.

“What is this going to require of me? Will there be more hardship? Will there be pain? I’m so tired of fighting for some sense of order and normality.”

I felt my heavenly Father then calm my heart and speak again “Just because I love you. That’s all.”

The pure love of God requires nothing of us, it doesn’t ask for more, it doesn’t place us in cruel situations in order to teach things.

My experience has proven this to me time and time again.

Yes, God will bring about teachable moments within the hard.

What I have found, is that He gives good gifts to His kids, just because He loves us.

Thinking about my own children and how often I set them up to earn things, rather than just giving them things.

It’s a Godly ideal, to teach value for people, places, things….but when God gives, it’s not always something we earn, in fact rarely do I deserve the very things He pours upon me.

Most of His gifts are free, without limit and speak life to my depths.






Peace. The list goes on and on…fill in the blanks for yourself.

Gifts given without the ability to repay, just for our and others enjoyment and fulfillment. Things that draw us closer to the very heart of Him who made us.

My response following the freak out moment……

So,  now without reservation I say THANKYOU GOD for the upgrade that is available to me. I stand fully vulnerable, arms open wide, grin from ear to ear, eyes looking up – ready for whatever you want for me.

I know that it is going to be great!

I know that it’s a luxurious bit of lovin from you, my loving and kindhearted God.

I know that I can always stay in the current place, which is ok with you…but you have so much more for me than what I see.

So Lord, here I am…accepting your gift. Thanking you for what is to come. Giving my fear to you, about what this all might mean. Choosing to trust that what you have said, doesn’t have to come with hardship and pain….but rather an opportunity to shine like never before with YOU!

Thankyou precious Father for all that you pour upon me….I am in awe of your goodness to me. Help me to never be limited in my willingness to accept all that you have for me.

I acknowledge that you are a good good Father and with you, there is nothing to fear. You have plans and purposes that go so far beyond what I could ever hope to achieve by myself. Looking forward to flying with you precious Father. xxxxx