Just got off an incredible call….
After weeks of dishonor with our current house cleaners, I wrote the official cancel letter, blessed their business and instantly peace came as a result.
Thankyou God…..What now?

Craig came home 20minutes after I sent the email and showed me a photo of a cleaning van which was parked nearby. He had felt God prompt him to take a pic….so he did. Thankyou God! Well done Craig!
In AWE of God’s timing, I emailed the new cleaning company and happily went on with our day.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Fast forward to today…the new company called me back.
I got talking with N who was new to the job after an injury. My heart went out to her.
A stunning heart, who by the sounds had walked some pretty rough life and I felt love for her almost instantly in my heart….when I feel this, I KNOW God is about to do something amazing…..so I listened and stayed tuned for all that was about to happen.
As we talked about all things cleaning related, the conversation moved on to others topics. She had suggested I go postal at the last cleaning company and I said, humanly it might give me 2 seconds of satisfaction, but then it would steal my peace….and I didn’t want that to happen. She didn’t get why, but also got the value of peace.

I told her I was a Christian and peace was really important in my life. I was trying to make better choices. We both laughed at that, peace can sometimes be hard to hold on to.
She was a fairly open person, and in an organic, only God could bring it about kind of way – Through something she said, or maybe it was in the tone of her voice, He reminded me of a recent miraculous event. I saw this as a green light, so I shared His awesomeness through the story, with N.
And she ‘got’ it!, explaining, “I LOVE this kind of stuff! I believed people cross paths for reasons, that is cool”

God You are incredible!

That single story opened up a whole other depth of conversation. It reminded her of a couple of her own. She gingerly offered to share these…”Of course, I’d love to hear about them!”

N began sharing a little of her school experience. She had been the defender of the weak, bullied and vulnerable. She bullied the bullies. Her Mum was NOT happy, nor were the school by what she shared. Her Mum was unsure what to do, so suggested she go on a camp.

“I went on the camp, which it turns out, was a Christian camp. I didn’t get it, but the Reverend guy said I didn’t have to listen if I didn’t want to, but it might be good to go. So I did go. I sat there and then they had everyone stand in a line. “I watched the Pastor guy go along the line of people. He then put his hand on my shoulder and I thought, don’t you touch me…”

I cringed internally, hoping this was a good story. Lord, help me to react well.

“The moment the Reverend guy said something, I felt a tonne of tears come out of me and I felt like everything came outta me. It was weird.
Something big happened, but I don’t know what…but when I got back to life I wasn’t bullying people anymore. I still looked after the ones who were being bullied though.”

Photo by Ryan Arnst on Unsplash

She described how she was now being gentler. She didn’t know God…but she definitely knew there was ‘something’ out there.
N kept saying how weird it was that all the emotion came out of her. She was obviously someone who wasn’t a particularly emotional person. In control. I saw how she might’ve been someone who others went to when strife hit. This special one, was a rare jewel – she was a safe place for others to come and fall apart.

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

That camp was a life changer for N, and we talked about how incredible it was. She mentioned a number of times just how weird the emotion part was though.
“Maybe God was giving you a safe place to grieve and release all that has happened to you?” I suggested.
“Yeah….that might’ve been what happened.”
We continued to chat and ‘randomly’ I felt to share about out dog and how I’d had a dream about getting one.
“I dream a LOT….I have a feeling that you might be a big dreamer as well N!?!”
“I am actually.” I could tell she found it funny that I knew that. lol…but she remained open to talk about it.
So much so, that she shared more than I could have ever imagined. “I’ve actually had the same dream for the past 10 years.” She sounded frustrated by this same dream. It was at this moment that the penny dropped!!! ARGH…this is what You want to do Father!!!!

Photo by Wolf Zimmermann on Unsplash

My spirit began to leap inside, “N, do you know what your dream means?”
“No,” she responded.
“Would you like to know?”
“Oh yeah, that’d be good.”
I explained, “I was part of a group for a couple of years, where we asked God for interpretations of dreams. I feel like He wants to give you some clarity about that dream today.”
“That’d be alright,” she responded.
Oh that’s wonderful, are you happy to share it with me?

“Sure!” and N continued to tell me all about it. For privacy I’ll not share it with you, but the main elements related to winning tattslotto and a few other aspects. As she spoke, He gave me an instant knowing of what He wanted to say about it.
When she had finished, I gulped….because stepping out in this way requires courage. If I got it wrong, then this would reflect upon God….and that was the opposite of what I wanted to do.

Help me Lord….

“N, I’ve got an idea of what it might mean….please understand that you are free to accept or reject anything I say to you. There’s no pressure to agree with or accept any of it. Are you happy for me to share with you what I believe God has shown me for you?”



Over the next few moments, I shared with her all that He had impressed upon my heart.
In a nutshell, He affirmed her value, He told her of her great worth to Him.
He absolutely nailed her heart desire for her family, friends and all those she held dear.
He revealed an intimate part of how she views herself, and how He desires her to look at herself through His mirror.
Complete silence for many seconds passed, it felt like minutes….
“It’s funny you say that….cause just yesterday….” and she shared a story about how she had done the very thing, that God had affirmed her for in the dream. I grinned from ear to ear as I heard her share this….God saw her, He loves her….He affirms the parts of her heart that make her come alive. and phew….I’d heard and expressed His heart to her. lol…

Photo by Anna Elfimova on Unsplash

N then came back round to the dream interp. She had obviously been thinking about all that had been said.
She said, “I can’t believe it…that stuff you said about the dream…….that could be it you know……

This has been the best conversation I’ve had in ages.” She let out a mega sigh, “I reckon I’m gonna sleep so well tonight!”

“Oh that’s amazing N, I’m so thrilled for you darlin.” She seemed so light and genuinely happy.

We talked about the practicalities of cleaning stuff once again, feeling that the hour long conversation was coming to an end.

The she piped in with with more excitement this time, “You know, in 10 years everyone kept telling me that it meant something, but I knew it wasn’t what they said. What you’ve just told me, no one ever said before. They kept telling me it was about winning money, and I knew it wasn’t…What you said makes sense!!!”

“Isn’t God good!!!!! That’s amazing N, I’m so thrilled about it!”
This precious one, this beautiful hearted one. N who doesn’t know Him well yet, but she’s had some introduction, she’s had some moments…there’s been some seeds in her spiritual journey planted and my hope is that He continues to meet her and build upon her experience of His goodness. She deserves everything good in life!

Photo by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash

Isn’t God amazing!!!!

She doesn’t know Him…..
But He knows her.
He loves her.
He places great value on her life.
He wants to be in relationship with her.
I later shared with N that His desire, is for her to know Him. That He is constantly speaking to and showing her things, things that she notices, because He loves her. She agreed.
I thanked N for her time, she thanked me a number of times and kept talking about how good she felt.

It had been a ripper day with Him for the both of us!!!! We then made plans for the cleaning side of things, where she asked whether it would be ok to meet when her boss came around. “I’d be rapt to meet you in person N, that’d be so lovely.”

I felt her smile on the other end of the line.

Can I encourage you, this IS God’s heart.
This is His love in action.
There is nothing in me that DID this….it was ALL Him. He setup the cleaning answer, He came through with the promptings, gave me courage when I needed it, and even poured out the interpretation which resolved 10 years of mystery for a woman who didn’t know Him yet. WOW!!!

side note: I asked N for her permission to share elements of our conversation, which she readily agreed