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Books and merchandise available below for the Australian market. Books are also available via Amazon for customers outside of Australia. Any profit from merchandise will be going towards those in need, and publishing the next books in the ‘Be Held By Him’ series. Please consider giving a gift from our shop,  knowing it will plant seeds for others in the future. 

Be Held By Him

Are you stressed, sick, worn out, or weary? Do you feel alone in all that you are walking through? Has your body broken, slowed up, or let you down?

Has life tossed you into unfamiliar waters, and you are struggling to find a place to land?

If this is you, then you’re in good company.

This is the book I needed ten years ago when I was struck with a debilitating mystery illness.

The need to connect with the One who actually knows the way forward is essential to survive and thrive through whatever life throws at us. Choosing to look through His lens rather than my own limited vision.

In these pages, I share the encouragements God poured out to me, believing that they will speak to you and reassure you in your own hard time.

If we are to have hope and help in our hour of need, we need to know how to hear and recognize God’s voice—not because of what we should do but because we get to. His voice is worth listening to, and His heart brings us good at this time—every time.

The only way forward was to allow God to carry me through these initial stages of life’s upheaval.

Go on a journey together with Him. He won’t load you down with more burdens but instead, lighten the load you already carry, healing and tending to raw spaces along the way.

Come. Come and be encouraged by God and all that He has done. Be uplifted, knowing that what He does for one, He can do for you and more.


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By Karen Brough

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