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Karen Brough is a Christian author who has always had a passion for books, spending countless school lunchtimes in the library.

She eventually became a primary school teacher, maintaining her connection with children’s literature.

After teaching, she began sharing the encouragements God gave her via her blog, followed by writing books. Some of her books tell of her journey through autoimmune illness and recovery, while others go back to her childhood connection with children’s literature.

She loves to make reading fun and tells a great yarn in the childrens books. Most of her stories are based on real-life events. The most amazing things have happened, and she longs to share these with you; to bring a smile, or to touch the heart.

As a Christian Author, Karen will help you feel better about yourself, hopeful, inspired and ready to spread the love with those around you.

Award Winning Book Be Held By Him:

Finalist in the 2022 IAN Book of the Year Awards

Religion: Christian Inspirational category of the 2022 International Book Awards

Be Held by Him Companion Journal new winner of PenCraft Book Awards

Be Held By Him Awards
Take A Breath With Him Covers

If you’ve found yourself with this book, you probably fit into one of two groups: You are walking through a tough season of life, illness, grief, relational upset, medical diagnosis, emotional upheaval—and despite it all, you don’t want to align with these issues. You don’t want these issues to define you. You want to partner with HOPE. or You are someone who wants to actually encounter Father God in your everyday life. You are ready to activate, to engage with the One Who promises you life to the fullest. You were not told how to walk with God. You want to learn to take His hand and see, taste, feel, experience Him on a whole other level. As a Christian Author, Karen will encourage you as she shares her journey of hope.

Buy Karens latest book “Take A Breath With Him”, as well as other merchandise and resources.

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I found Karen’s testimony of her healing journey both inspirational and moving. The authenticity and transparency in her heartfelt sharing will bring encouragement and hope to so many. It’s the journey of moving from weakness to a powerful rediscovery of the depth of Father God’s love. The security of that special place of rest and identity as a daughter in the Father’s family brings.

We all can identify with those life experiences of wilderness and desperation. I believe Karen’s story of her process, promptings, special prayers, and community will be a source of wisdom, encouragement, and hope to all in those desperate times when the supernatural power of a loving God is needed to bring restoration and rest in the midst of trial and challenge.

– Pastor Ken Hooper,  Peninsula City Church, Frankston, Australia

Having known Karen for eighteen years and journeying closely with her over the past four years, I can attest to Karen’s character and life. Karen lives what she speaks. This book and the wisdom it contains is gold for everyone, especially those with chronic illness. Do yourself a favor. Grab a copy and devour the insights Karen shares, and you’ll receive hope and be transformed in the process.

– Jane Berry, Author. Ministering like Jesus: How to Grow in Healing, Deliverance, and Miracles”

Karen intuitively invites the reader to come alongside her as she vividly describes special encounters with God. Her sensitive writing allows us to sense God’s presence and get lost in the moment. More than a memoir or devotional, this series of books showcase how intimately God notices us, begging us to be present, gently guiding us to notice Him—even during physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

Authentically, we learn to reach beyond our issues and love others, as we rely on the strength of the One who knows us inside and out.

– Susan Hoekstra, Author, Musician, Lay counselor. A Firm GRASP: Feeling Validated in a Notice-Me World 

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Christian Author

A Christian author is a writer who creates literary works that are influenced by, or centered around, Christian beliefs, values, themes, and principles. These authors often draw inspiration from the Bible, Christian theology, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Their writing might explore topics such as faith, redemption, morality, the human condition, and the relationship between individuals and God.

Karen’s books are suitable for people of any faith, but are influenced by her own Christian faith. Some well-known Christian authors include C.S. Lewis (known for “The Chronicles of Narnia” series), J.R.R. Tolkien (author of “The Lord of the Rings” series), Max Lucado (author of inspirational books), and Joyce Meyer (writer of Christian self-help and motivational books), among others.

The works of Christian authors often resonate with readers seeking to explore or deepen their faith, and their writings can provide insights, encouragement, and spiritual guidance.

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