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About Me

Karen Brough is an Australian wife, mother, writer, and former Primary School Teacher. She is the author of the ‘Be Held by Him’ series, Finding God when life knocks you off your feet.

Ten years ago, when hit by a mystery illness, Karen began sharing the encouragements God gave her, via her blog, writtenbygodsgirl.com and facebook page.

Her unique voice makes her readers feel understood, inspired, hopeful and encouraged. She spurs others on to connect with Father God for themselves by sharing the adventures she has with Him in everyday life.

Karen has always had a passion for writing and for encouraging others and cannot remember a time without this . Her blog has been read and enjoyed both domestically & internationally over the past eight years.

She loves nothing better than to spend time with her husband, three children. You’ll often find her in warmer months, in or laying by the water, puzzling up a storm or telling the family groodle Gracie to ‘get away from her dwarf apple trees.’ In cooler weather, she loves baking. Often hiding vegetables in the recipes, much to her children’s disgust. (Secretly they love it though.)




"I just love how our beautiful God works in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Karen. You have such an amazing gift of expression. I really love your love for all God sends your way ❤️  Xx. Anita"

"Beautiful story!! Thank you for sharing . God has his hand upon N, her life is getting ready to change because you were obedient. Love this!" Debbie

"Beautiful Karen ?♥️??." Beth