bonfire      winter

  1. Being able to use the fire/heater
  2. Seeing the fresh white dew on the grass in the morning.
  3. Pumpkin soup galore
  4. Lots more family time
  5. Having a winter project
  6. God proving His delight in this season to us
  7. Moccasins, tracksuit pants and anything comfy goes
  8. Bonfires
  9. Toasting marshmallows
  10. Cuddling under the blanket
  11. Short days
  12. Very little gardening maintenance needed
  13. Sunny days are welcomed all the more
  14. Finally get to use those thick warm jackets in the closet
  15. Fluffy socks and onesies are fun
  16. Inside games are ok – yes even sock hockey or indoor soccer.
  17. Spring is coming
  18. Holidays
  19. Having friends over for a movie night
  20. Going to our local tavern and eating a hearty meal by the fire
  21. Time to draw and create
  22. Winter spa nights
  23. Onesie nights
  24. A reason to rest and sabbath it up
  25. Having time to just be…..
  26. A slower pace of life
  27. Cancelling all extras and just reconnecting as a family amidst it all
  28. Watching the earth be still, before the great unfolding!
  29. Planning what seeds we’ll plant in preparation for Spring
  30. Heavy coats
  31. Thick socks
  32. Simple meals
  33. Beanies!!! Scarves!!!!
  34. Having more of a reason to snuggle up.
  35. Having more of a reason to layer up.
  36. End of financial year
  37. Tax time!!! (Hooray?!?) Glad to have time to get it done
  38. Watching every season of a favourite tv series eg. Seinfield, Frasier, Meerkat Manor
  39. Writing up a storm
  40. Game nights
  41. Lego sagas that go for weeks
  42. Jigsaw table is setup all season
  43. Sewing up some new “creations”
  44. Watching flames flicker
  45. Smelling a tray of muffins coming out of the oven.
  46. Seeing our kids from a different perspective within the season
  47. Winter = Holiday up north for a couple of weeks.
  48. Ice-creams??? (In front of a fire maybe?…it’s always ice-cream weather according to my family.)
  49. Knit jumpers for eachother (8yr old thinks this is a great idea – will be challenging cause none of us know how to knit- I wonder if I draw him a jumper it’ll count?)
  50. Our first year with a sealed drive – Yay for no mud, dust, rocks, sliding, skids, dirty cars)
  51. Exercise isn’t required as much, because the output is less!
  52. Beachside walks then coming into the home and sitting in front of the fire.
  53. Winter is when you feel alive
  54. Possible snow experience
  55. Fresh water from melted snow
  56. Sleep ins
  57. The trees are putting their roots down more, because there aren’t any leaves.?!?
  58. Mother Daughter weekend
  59. Father Son weekend
  60. Coming back together again afterwards
  61. EARLY NIGHTS!!!!! HOORAY!!!! Definite bonus.
  62. Opportunity to go through some cupboards and cull
  63. Organisation opportunity
  64. Game board nights
  65. Reading times
  66. An opportunity to add a splash of colour to the dark of winter wardrobes
  67. The opportunity to count the days of sunshine and plot them on a calendar
  68. Have conversations with those I haven’t connected with in the busyness of Autumn and Summer
  69. Write some encouragement cards to people I have had on my heart for months
  70. Seeing clothes horses set up semi-permanently over the season
  71. Appreciating ducted heating
  72. A reason to wear those crazy fluffy boots that look weird every other season
  73. Christmas in JULY!!!!
  74. Loving meeting everyone at church on a Sunday, cause the week has been a tad hermitlike
  75. Without the cool, I would not appreciate warmth
  76. Racing into bed asap the whole season
  77. Long chats
  78. Being silent
  79. The occasional sniffle means aloe vera tissues are on the ready!!!
  80. Eating more honey based things for the health benefits
  81. Stews
  82. Slow cooker heaven
  83. Roast galore
  84. No need for the ice maker
  85. Community reigns
  86. Colds and Flu bugs are a great reminder to rest and allow our bodies to recoup.
  87. Reading good books – guilt free
  88. Birthday Season for our family
  89. Celebrating the shortest day of the year
  90. Opportunity to try new things
  91. Time to help those who might be shivering through winter in tangible loving ways
  92. The pace is slower – YAY!!!!
  93. Writing seems less of a waste of time in winter – what else would I be doing…
  94. A time to strategically invest uplifting and encouraging things into others’ lives
  95. Bless others (and be encouraged in the process…..God poetry)
  96. Season for studying new things
  97. Stormy weather and watching it come across the land
  98. Cloud formation and looking for angels amidst them
  99. I love the way Winter drags old things out, drying racks for wet clothes, board games, photo albums.
  100. Feel free to add your own……would love to hear them. xxxxx



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