A few weeks ago I was being prayed for by a Pastor at our local church. It had been a heavy, grief filled time, funerals, illnesses and all the rest. So as I took up the challenge to step into something new from God – drawing a line in the sand I felt peaceful about going up the front.

As I stood there, he gently touched my forehead, blessing me and I went down like a sack of potatoes. This was a wonderful experience – unbeknownst to me as I lay on the floor in peace of God’s presence – was the poor dog, that I had landed on accidentally as I fell.

The only reason I discovered this fact, was that when I got up, my youngest excitedly declared that I had landed upon the service dog of our deaf friends, and it had in fact been licking my face.

Fast forward to yesterday….I came home late from the prayer night at church. Great night! When I got home I poured myself a large glass of water and a bottle as well. Over the course of the night I finished off the glass and woke happily  in the morning.

As I stumbled into the kitchen, I observed there was much ado around the fridge. “Mum…” my middle child gingerly spoke to me “is that mold????” As I looked at what she was referring to, I realised at the same time, that she was indeed holding up the plastic jug that had been used to fill the drinks last night.

And today….my trifecta of weirdness for this month reached its limit. As I turned off the shower taps, my shoulder decided to make a decidedly  strange movement (slight twist to the left) and TWANG!!!!! The excruciating pain. The ridiculousness of this whole thing.

Yes people……life throws some pretty funny and amazing things my way. Yes…I could focus upon the poor dog, the stomache upset from the mold and the inability of being able to lift anything or hug my kids with both arms…..and for a time, the tears did flow this morning.

But……Heavenly Father….you want me to see the humour of it, you want me to choose to trust that you have this. Instead I experienced something beautiful with God, I had water available to me and was hydrated – and lastly. Today I had much planned, all tasks and busyness after a crazy few weeks. With my shoulder injured, today and possbily the next couple can be spent reconnecting with Jesus.

Let’s not lose the moment we have today, right now…..to find the joy in whatever circumstances we are in. Yes, it might be something pretty awful, but there is always something going on around that can lighten an otherwise awkward time.

If you have read and enjoyed this, feel free to respond or like. It’s always good to give encouragement freely in life, it costs nothing,but invests so much. God bless you this weekend. xxxxx