Recently, during a time of intense stress, my doctor friend suggested I envision myself as stronger than I actually feel. This was to be a POWER line for the past few weeks, and through it, I feel that God has been showing me something that will help not only me, but many others too.

I was standing in the shower, and the line about actually seeing myself as God sees me kept going through my heart and mind.  Until, I felt it literally drop deeper into my Spirit – lightbulb moment. DING!!!  I got it! How I felt was beside the point, it was how it actually was, that mattered.

Flash forward a couple of weeks and I had attended an event, where I was bombarded by at least 5 intense conversations with people who were struggling, going through crazy hard circumstances or were on the other side of it – and wanted to share it all with me.

I was juggling caring for my family, as well as trying to keep warm and hydrate amidst it all. It began to get increasingly cold and as people were talking at/with me, I began to physcially shake. It was only when my hubby came along and said it might be time to go home, that I realised how affected I was. I was affected alright, emotionally, spiritually, …Not to mention the physical ramifications of standing for hours, chatting for hours and the cold having gotten “into my bones.”

Unfortunately, the event was a night time thing, leaving me very little space for processing it all (ie. letting it all go to God) and when I needed to get some zzzzz for the night.

Too late, and I would be up all night.

Not letting it all go, meant my dreams would be based around them and be intense as well.  I hope this is all making sense to someone out there. 🙂

As I lay there, endeavoring to calm my body system down enough, in order to actually pray about all the stuff that had been entrusted to me and I was not getting anywhere.

Frustrated…..I had a small thought float out “What am I supposed to do with all this?”

Moments later, a gentle whisper came

“Can you see me Karen? Let’s walk together a while.”

I believe that God has given us the ability to meet with Him in our own personal ways…for me….I see pictures or scenes sometimes. The event I am about to talk about is not common, but I am incredibly thankful for it…

So as I saw Jesus, the very moment I saw Him – all of the fast paced, heart race, mind busyness – left in an instant.

My body physically felt all of the tension, cold, dehydration effect leave in an instant.

All I felt was absolute peace and safety. Aaaaahhhhh BLISS! Thankyou God!!!

I slept about 9 1/2 hours that night…..BRILLIANT!!!

Lastly, this morning happened….and He has brought it altogether for me…..I woke up, read an email and began thinking about Mary and Martha.

As I read their story in Luke 10:38-42 something became so apparent to me.

I have read the story probably hundreds of times, it’s a favourite.

It was the first time I actually noticed something like this. It went deep and met with the other experiences.

Martha was stressing out, doing, doing, doing. Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Jesus valued what Mary was doing, over what Martha had chosen.

Mary was in the act of meeting with Jesus – all of the concerns, worries, stresses of life melted away for her too – in the presence of Jesus. …..

I have experienced both of these situations in the past month. The busyness and the place of peace, before Jesus.

The theme that is so apparent to me now is…..when I find myself overwhelmed by all that is around me, I am to come to the feet of Jesus and just listen and let go.

It is in that place that His presence overcomes all that looks to overcome me!!!!

Especially in this moment of Christmas season craziness……the exhaustion levels are high and more seems to be required at every turn. Stop for a moment, ask God for a picture or a sense of Him. Then envision yourself with Him. See yourself as He sees you. You will be comforted. You will experience His peace. Your life will be rejigged into right order with Him.

My prayer is that this lifts you and equips you for the journey of today ahead.

Father God,

It’s a tricky thing to balance the pace of life with how we are wired.

Please help us to see you, to stop and take the time to simply meet up and be.

Father, forgive me for the times where I have tried to work it all out in my head, when the answer was right in front of me.

You have said to me many times, come to me and I will give you rest.

To be honest Lord, I want to do that more often, more often than I actually do.

You don’t require more of me…..and sometimes I have believed that lie that you are just going to load me up with more boxes to tick and more tasks to perform.

You and your ways could not be further from this crazy idea of mine.

When I meet with you, you have never asked me for more.

You’ve only ever, gently come beside me and spoken words of encouragement. 

Sometimes you’ve tenderly steered me back to the path of life, rather than of dread.

You sometimes hold my hand and lead me back to the Father. I have never felt anything but fullness of love and acceptance when I am with you….so why do I not run to you when I am struggling??

Thankyou for showing me simple things in simple ways.

Thankyou for giving me so much good.

Thankyou for being available 100% of the time.

Thankyou that sometimes, I won’t need to process every part of every conversation. I can just come to you, and the extras will drop away in the peace of your presence.

Father bless and take care of the ones you bring along my path.

Show me how to release them to you and your care quicker than I do now.

Help my heart to know fully, that you love those people, so much more than I can or do. So they are covered in the palm of your hand.

Father, help me to walk in the truth of what you say about me, how you see me…..rather than how I feel.

Feelings are so good, but they can lead me astray sometimes.

Father, help me to keep you as the main thing, because then it doesn’t seem to matter what is happening around me. I feel so light and free.

Help me to stay  in that sweet place Father.

Much love to you.

Karen. xxxxx