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Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

As I lay in bed the other night and began to pray, I sensed God instruct me to look at me hands.

As I looked, I felt Him say that this was a picture of how we can do life with Him.

I was moved and let out a big sigh as the reality of this image dropped within.



Within moments,  I felt prompted to change the position of my hands to this.

20180526_105735“This is how I want us to be” He said.

At this point my heart-felt incredibly loved and held, but also confronted.

Weeks have passed since this encounter and I am still being shown elements of truth being unleashed about it.

*When we are face to face,  there is no hiding,  it’s  a place of vulnerability…

*It’s also a place of weakness in both positive and negative forms.

*He sees us as we are, but our state before Him sometimes wants to run and hide. This position makes it easy to release and run.

*From the position of pic number one, when pressure is applied,  it can either press us into Him or draw us away easily.

*From the United position we are fully known, fully exposed,  but also very much carried.

*When pressure is applied, we find the pressure is not an independent thing… the intensity is spread across both hands,  not just one.

*It’s a place of strength and support.


What a simple but beautiful truth, coming from a single moment in time.


Oh my precious Lord,

Position me for unity with you.

Join our hearts, our hands,  our  lives to you!

Thankyou that your desire is for me to remain in You…. Making me consistently whole with you.

Remind me of these hands and my positioning, especially as trouble or pressure comes.

Thank you that with you,  I can walk this journey together with you, never being alone.

I love that you desire this simply because you love me, and you want the best for me.  Wow!!!!