9 Long Years; A New Door and New Season – Seasons of Patience are being Rewarded!

Who believes in the natural things, sometimes representing what is happening in the spiritual?

Well, have I got a story for you!

9 years ago we moved into our new home. It had been built from scratch, and we had waited 3 years for it to be built – (yes, patience is always being built too, isn’t it? Lol.)

The builder gave us a form to fill out of all the things that needed fixing.

One of those things was that our bedroom door wouldn’t shut.

The catch didn’t click – so if a breeze came in, or someone opened a door – our bedroom door would swing wide open.

It wasn’t a big deal, but being a new house – I popped it on the list.

The maintenance man came out to our home to ‘fix’ this door on at least 3 occasions, but sadly – the catch still didn’t work – in fact, over time, it became worse.

So I stopped calling.

Fast forward 9 years.

We were having our floor redone and changed from carpet (wool which I was allergic too – but that’s another story) to wood floors.

The floor was buzzed, laid, sanded, and then finished – the only thing was – the door now wouldn’t close at all – it kept catching on the floor!!!!

Oh, my gosh!!!

What is with this door???!!!! Hubby and I groaned.

Not only would it not catch, but now it would have to remain half open.

Enough was enough.

Hubby set to work doing what the carpenter had suggested.

Pad the hinges – Check

Tweak the bottom of the door – Check.

Hubby tried to close the door after an hour – and s c r a p e…….on the newly finished wood floor.


smiling girl in black and white striped shirt
Photo by Julien L on Unsplash

He took the door off only to find that there was some filler on the bottom of the door.

This morning, he took the door off (a two-person job, as they are giant!!!)

He laid the door down and sanded off the base of the door where it was catching.

Not long after, as I say doing my quiet time, Hubby proudly invited me to come inside.

And what do you think I found?

A door…..

Yes – a door that would actually close.

And not only that, but a door that would click into the catch!!!!!

(The look on his face was priceless)

And for some obscure reason, this small (albeit long drama door) act of my hubster – getting to the root of the problem, has spoken to my heart more than anything else this week!

No, not all things in the natural relate to the spiritual – but this one did!

Yes, I agree, doors will be closed – finally!!!

Yes, I agree, to having access, security, and privacy. (Lol)when we need it.

Yes, those things that others could not repair, You Lord, give us all we need in our hand.

Yes, I agree that where there have been ‘quick fixes’ and ‘fillers’, they will be removed and the job will be done RIGHT!!!

Yes, to new doors, new seasons, and fresh reasons to celebrate finality and breakthrough!!!

All this and more, in Jesus’ name.

Do you have anything that has been a long-term frustration?

Could this be the season to get to the root of it? What does God say about this?

Be encouraged, that God is always at work, and as we look to Him for answers, He never fails or disappoints. He brings solutions, ideas and so much sweetness of breakthrough.

The seasons of patience are being rewarded!!!!