Racing about the kitchen lounge room, madly cleaning between meetings and ticking off from my pages of to-do lists, I suddenly had the maternal urge to bake my children some muffins – the bananas were there – why not!
10 minutes out, from my next meeting was due to start, a gentle whisper to look at the time.

“If you put the muffins in now, you’ll have to stop your session midway to get them out of the oven.”

But the practicality of needing to tick off overcame the practicality told me not likely to remember to take the muffins out of the oven.
As I shared all that happened in the past month in my meeting, my nostrils were met with a smokey charcoal smell aroma, which wound its way out.

Through the kitchen, beside the meals area and between the sunroom doors, and out to the deck where I sat.
“Crikey, the muffins, I’ll be back in a minute,” I squealed.

Sadly it was too late.

My oven mitts steaming with heat, as I grabbed the trays of black domes charcoal masterpieces, plomping them down on the gas top. What a mess!

“Burnt muffins, far out!” These muffins reflecting the current season.

After lunch my hubby came up and noted the 48 Black muffins still sitting in their trays, I had yet to deal with the smokiness.
He opened his mouth to suggested putting it with custard, at the same time as I thought to make a trifle.

We both looked at one another- “YES, that will be delicious.”
Freshly inspired, I set about making some custard, eggs, sugar, milk, and cornflower. Mix it up, heat it, and pour.
SLOP, half went on the floor – reflective of the day.

Some days, it’s a burnt muffin and sloppy custard kind of day.

But here’s what happened….

As I looked at this burnt muffin custard creation – feeling quite dismayed at the mess I now needed to clean up.
I grabbed a bowl and spoon and scraped a corner from the tray – and tasted.

No, it wasn’t pretty.

It was as ‘rustic’ as it comes…but to taste…..

It was divine.

Sometimes it’s just a burnt muffin kind of day, and that’s ok!
Sometimes burnt muffins make for the best pudding.

Do you have a burnt muffin story?

I would love to read of your kitchen conquests and burnt muffin redemptive stories.

Until next time, much love.

God bless you and yours so BIG.