I had been busy cooking up some delish treats leading up to Christmas and on one particular day – there came a whisper.  It sounded like fun – so I was in!

Years before I became unwell, Christmas was a delight to my being…

You would often find hampers galore filled with all kinds of things.  Each tenderly created in the Spirit of God’s generosity!

People would come and go from my home,  anyone. .and I would listen for the prompting to give…

The heart race,  the pulse beating faster, the impression that this was ONE to bless.  Then God would show me which one.  Some were done in secret and some weren’t.

Often there were tears and walls would come crashing down.  It was all about sharing God’s love to others.  The friend, the neighbor,  the delivery person,  the Mum, the pastor….. Whoever!

It was an adventure with Him every Christmas.. and it made my heart fly!

Fast forward a few years, it wasn’t that I hadn’t been generous since becoming unwell ….it’s just, looking back-I believe the enemy had tried to kill my passion for it.

The depth of this tragic reality….would soon be redeemed in Full!

I had 2 appointments that day.  The doctors and a chiropractic appointment. These are the whispers I heard loud and clear.  “Why don’t we give a Christmas gift to your doctor. And how about a hamper for the team at the Chiropractors!”

I’m in!!!!!

As I wandered the shelf of gift books, I kept coming back to a dream journal. Each time I looked at it,  I felt absolute peace.  So I wrapped it up and wrote a card for her.

The hamper: popped a few things together,  as I thought about each member of their team.  Wrote them a card to bless them and wrapped it up in a sea of cellophane.

I arrived at the doctors a while later.

Waiting rooms are PERFECT opportunities for God to show His love for others.  So I put my phone away in my bag and waited expectantly for what conversation might come.

It’s often a God appointment,  not just a doctor one!

Got to chatting to 2 different groups of people,  who were also waiting.  Its amazing what others’ share at times.

God always brings His encouragement for others, and strength for me in these situations.

One couple were sharing about their health journey and coming across this particular doctor.  We shared about life and children. I could see that they desired children,  so prayed internally for them as we chatted.  We laughed and the joy of God was increased in all of us. Awesome!

Then they went in and another lady replaced them on the couch opposite.

We got to talking,  she was sharing about being worried about where they would live, as the place they had, was getting too much for them.

God brought His wisdom into the conversation and when I eventually was called in-I felt she had an investment of God’s peace in her and a smile on her dial too.

Going into the doctors office, we gave each other a happy Christmas hug and I gave her the pressie.(we are friends in God life as well as doctor patient)

She opened it up and sat there completely agog! Stunned!  She naturally is so much better at giving than receiving-so having her sit there …I was uncertain whether I had done the right thing. She began to say “You have no idea! ….you have no idea! “.

She then went on to explain that after her heart operation a few months prior she had stopped dreaming.  A few days ago…she had asked God to restore her dreaming with Him.   The night before the appointment, she had had her first dream,  but couldn’t remember it! !!! So today,  Holy Spirit gave her this dream journal to write them down!!!

Isn’t He amazing! !!!!!

I headed off to the chiropractor next. ..might have to do a part 2..if you are touched by this-there is more to come!