I woke this morning having had a terrible nights sleep….but this morning I have some more clarity about this year and what is happening.

You see, all around me I am seeing tough beginnings to the fresh new year in people’s lives.

Traditionally after the Christmas, New Year period in Australia, most will return to work, study, normal routines, having had some time off. This time is key to coming back into the year with freshness, energy and hope.

By observation and experience… I saw 2016 as one of hard roads and of new ground being broken up for fresh foundations.

I looked to 2017 as one of laying fresh new expectations, life-giving practices and so much more. What I have seen is, that people have experienced a time of struggle, when they traditionally would have been resting and catching some vision for this year.

I felt strongly to encourage you “Don’t give up!”

Reclaim your year. This year will not be the same as the last.

God has much in store for you and your loved ones, and those things are soooo good.

He has much planned that will bring life and adventure with Him.

He has prepared the ground within you for a year such as this….but here’s where the mini dream comes in.

I saw a picture of a great treasure box, filled with gold, jewels and a brilliant light.

I walked towards the box just a few steps away, just seeing it, made my heart feel at peace.

The thing that happened next was awful.

I began having these sharp beak-like beings come and snap at my skin. Pinching, hurting, looking to damage. As I saw them, they were actually hands with fingers and nails.

Each time a hand came to pinch, I found myself looking at the hand and the potential damage to my skin. After this had happened just a couple of times, I found myself more engaged with the beak pinching hands, than the treasure just a few steps away. I found myself almost stepping away from the box, unable to focus upon it or the way I had begun along the path.

I was so preoccupied with the attacks upon me.

The dream was a picture of what is happening to many of you. God has much for you and it’s within your grasp. The enemy looks to distract, steal and destroy you.

I asked God what am I to do with this picture and this is what He showed me.

I pressed into Him, saw a picture of Jesus behind, beside and before me. His arms enfolded my body on all sides. (humanly, I don’t understand that, but He’s God – so it makes sense!lol)

The pecking hands came at me again, but the funny thing was, I could barely see them, there was so much of Jesus. Yes, I felt some pecking, but the warmth of His embrace made everything else pale. We reached the treasure box and it was like I saw my body at the same time. All that pecking, all the pinching and scratching….there was not a mark on my skin. I was completely whole!

We took the treasure and began sharing it amongst a group of people and great joy was released!

I wonder if this dream/picture is something you can relate to. Feel free to let me know if it does. I certainly was put on alert, but encouraged all the same at seeing it. I asked God what He would say to me at this time and in this season. This is what came.

Precious child of mine, I say to you that you are mine and you are loved.

This season will not be wasted.

Look for me and my ways amidst it.

If you look for me, you will find me.

Picture me with you in your current circumstance, and the chaff will fall away.

Clarity will come.

Let me use this tough place for redemption in and out of you.

There is much good for you this year.

I declare over you – a year of purpose and clarity.

You will see the ploys of the enemy and his dark strategies and I will make them clear to you, as you seek me.

As you seek me, joy will spring up within you. You will laugh at the days to come.

What you choose to focus upon, that is what you will behold.

Time to step up oh child of mine.

Step into your destiny, which is full of hope.

Your enemies will come at you from all sides, but I am your protector.

Your nights will be fraught with unrest, but I am your peace and your solid rock in whom you can trust wholly.

“Because you love me, I will rescue you, I will protect you, for you acknowledge my name. You will call upon me and I will answer you. I will be with you in trouble. I will deliver you and honour you.” (ps.91)

Every single thing that comes your way, I HAVE the answer for it.

Give me every burden.

Give me all that is mine, which I died for…

You were not meant to carry it all, just that for which I have strengthened you.

You are not beaten!

You are not overcome!

You are greater than what you feel in this moment!

You are within moments from breakthrough in me!

Do not give up beloved….I have much in store for this year.

Plans to give you a future and hope.

The year ahead is so bright and that is why you are under such things as this in this season….but I say to you who will listen – you are not under them. Oh NO!

In me, they are UNDER your feet. In me, you are higher than the very things that look to pull you under.

Ask me for a fresh revelation of this truth and I will give it to you.

This year is a fresh revelation of me.

Do not believe the lies that come your way…..this year is different from the last.

I am now using last year as a springboard for what is to come – and it is AMAZING!

Take your foot off the pedal….slow down…be still before me my child.

I will give you what you need to get through this leg of the journey and indeed OVERCOME IT!

Thankyou Father….I trust you today. Amen. xxxxx

A promise for you.

But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles.

They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not grow faint.

Is 40:31