Part 1 of Friday morning…..

A woke from a dream this morning.

A powerful dream.

I woke feeling strong and like I was ready for battle.

The word AUTHORITY kept coming in loud and clear.

Have you ever have that experience where you know there was more to your dream, than what was remembered? That there was depth of meaning, not just what was happening in the dream? Where the same thing was happening in the dream in varied ways….knowing that the message would stay with you…..Well for me,  that was this morning.

The part I do remember very well was about a precious friend of ours, who has a health battle going on at the moment.

It was a delight in the dream and waking from the dream, having seen something miraculous and awe-inspiring…

In the dream, our friend stood with hot red darts coming at him fast and frequent.

The sound they made was like those poison darts that zip through bamboo blowers. ffffft…fffft..they zipped by…

I then noticed and heard that he was laughing boldly and heartily at the darts of the enemy. A loud belly laugh, coming from deep within. It was confusing, but also quite contagious.

He spoke with an even greater authority and the darts dropped to the ground lifeless, instantly!!!! I heard the words “New Level Of Authority” spoken.

In the next scene, I saw him standing before a small group which kept expanding, great crowds of people and as God spoke through him. As he spoke words, I saw people being healed in droves.

The response of the healed was pure loveliness. Their faces came in dark and they turned and left fully lit up!

The incredible JOY in this space was nothing like I’ve encountered.

As I woke, I became acutely aware, that it was a picture of what is to come. A time where God’s people walk in true sense of identity and love….walking in the authority we’ve been given and the heaven on earth experiences that pour out as a result.

Oh how my heart longs for that reality.

Step into your destiny precious ones!

Step into all that God has for you!

Step into the greater whilst laughing at the darts that come!

They will NOT harm you…..they will drop to the floor lifeless, in Jesus name!

Looking forward to hearing the testimonies of the ones who walk in new revelation and depths of authority.

God bless you oh so treasured ones. xxxxx