What a delight times of family holidays are. We have yet again sadly come to the end of a July break in warmer climates.

Escaping the 13 degree days of Melbourne to a humid 28 degree bliss ball Northern Queensland has blessed us all so greatly.

This year was different.

Every year for the past 7, I have struggled through the winter season, battling terrible illnesses and seemingly having the flu for the full 3 months.

That was until my precious hubby suggested we get to warmer weather smack dab in the middle of winter-breaking it up a bit and getting a fresh injection of sun and warmth.

This year I felt was different.

I began the year thinking and feeling its going to be a great winter.  And to be truthful even without the trip…it has been very different to previous years.

This year I thank God for having stronger/healed immune system.  I thank Him for this trip and all the breakthroughs it has brought.

For the first time in years,  I’ve been able to play tennis with my daughter without flaking out. We played a whole set in intense heat!!!! Incredible, satisfying and so fun to play again. ..and see her joy learning to play. (Just for the record-she got 2 games from me. Lolol…well done Panny. Xxxxx)

I’ve swum most days.

I’ve gone for walks.

I’ve eaten whatever I felt like.

I’ve drunk delicious juices and eaten fresh fruit.

I’ve just endeavored to embrace the flavour, sights and sounds of the moment-and it’s been beautiful.

I find myself thankful to God for the beauty of His creation.  The variance of colours and creation that we’ve had the delight to encounter.

Praise God for life! Praise Him for breaks!  Praise Him for sunshine! Praise Him for abundant reasons to be thankful!