A month ago, I was in a great place….handing all my anxieties over to Jesus….but as life does – it began to creep up on me, and the burdens began to pile up. Then last week I sat down, after having run at such a pace, my health and peace levels were being fully stretched. 3 funerals, end of year/school busyness, family, finance, friends with tough seasons and so much more. I felt completely overwhelmed. My mind wouldn’t stop racing and I wanted my peace to return and a slower pace of life. I was desperate to hear God’s voice once again. A good friend mentioned journaling to me – it was a golden reminder – it was the one thing I had stopped doing because of the busyness and things had piled up as a result.

I sat and began to pour out my heart, writing down every single burden I could think of. Getting them out of my head and onto paper instead!

After a time, I had enough space to ask God to forgive me for having neglected our friendship and told Him how much I wanted not to be in this current place. How can I get through this one Father??? This is what He said to me.

“Do you remember when you gave each stress or pressure to me a few weeks ago?

Do you remember how light you were, how full of hope? How nothing could bring you down?

Do you remember how the little things remained little….Do you remember how the big things were shrunk in my presence?

Do you remember how you seemed to float through the day with joy?

That the ploys of the enemy pinged off you. Do you remember how untouchable and strong you felt with me as your confidant, your strength, your only light and life?

Do you remember the love you were surrounded by in that place?

The warmth of knowing that you weren’t alone.

Do you remember the carefree and feather like sensation as you walked forward in fullness of trust in me.

You walked with Jesus and as you spent time with Him, the cares melted away or were put in perspective. Into my perspective.

Remember when you walked up the grassy hill towards the top, and the worries of the world seemed miles away. Where just walking beside him, handing things over and hanging out with him was a delight to your soul and made everything right.

My beloved. My precious child, it is in that place that I long for you to abide.

Abide in me in every moment.

It takes practice. A little like focusing upon something difficult at first and sticking to it. Except in me,  it only brings you something good at every stage – whether at the beginning or the end.

Abiding in me takes as well…..of course. It takes burdens, takes worries, takes anxiety, takes control, takes stress, takes the overwhelmedness..trusting me with all of these things takes all of these and more.

I bring to you all you need to flourish from with the ebbs and flows, the mountains and the valleys.

My child, it brings no joy to see you pained, in trouble or without the very things I have for you.

Come alongside me now my child, my precious one and I will give you rest.

In me, you will have the very things I see you striving after each day. Peace, Love, Hope, Mercy, Comfort, Friendship, Joy and so much more. Come….come to me darling heart, let’s walk awhile.

I will lift the heavy burdens from you, you’ll no longer have to carry around the heavy pack of worries. Hand it all over to me, my intricately created one. You are loved.

You are worth every bit of my time and I long to spend it with you.

Take time to remember the times where you have come to me in the past.

I encourage you to remember when.

Start to remember the great things I have done in the past, so that you can have faith to move closer to me today, when you need it most.

Come to me in the bad.

Come to me in the good.

Come to me in the grievous times.

Come to me in the joyfilled ones.

I desire all of it. I desire you and your friendship my love, my precious one. Don’t delay again, come and give me all that looks to steal from you – then walk forward in all that you were created to be, in me. xxxxx “