I have been inundated with an idea that the Lord has been growing and revealing to me.

Initially it began with a prayer time with a friend – the week leading up to this time He had been talking to me about “thawing things” and it being a “season of thawing hearts and minds”.

I thought that was pretty cool and my friend and I prayed this into the atmosphere – personally, locally, nationally and globally.  Such fun!!!

The next thing the Lord put upon my heart was this:

He began with a picture of a number of women coming to my home.

They each went outside and stood in a place where no one else was.

Our hill was covered in women.

Each began moving their mouth and the sound grew.

Each one was independent of those around her, although the united voices made a roar!!!!



The Lord impressed upon my heart the words


That the things that have been shadowing breakthrough etc. ..would be moved/dealt with in this season.

Great anticipation was felt strongly for what God is doing! !!! For, in and with YOU!!!!



I asked Him how we would know what the mountain was.

He then, so kindly gave me a list of instructions.

So this Saturday – when you are reading this it will be – today, (in Australia….)

God willing, we will be holding a prayer and worship morning, I sense that Holy Spirit wants us to do this literally.

I felt to share this with you, leading up to the testimonies that I believe will come from stepping into this act of faith, and coming into agreement with God’s truth.

Here is the list He gave me: If this resonates with your Spirit, feel free to come along, or join in wherever you live.

Then He gave me steps. …(cause He knows I sometimes need them. Lol)

Step 1.
Ask me what your mountain is. (Clarifying the foundation of it)

Step 2.
Know what my will is about the mountain.

Be still and get my heart about it.

Let my truth settle in you.

Step 3.
Speak to the mountain and tell it what my truth is….speak this out loud until it lands within and you know something has shifted. Speak it until my truth becomes yours.

Step 4….and this one I knew Holy Spirit threw in for fun. .but also for setting it… (like concrete) The prophetic act. … (I’d love to hear about what He does with you. . Lol)
Get to a physically high place (like a hill, a kitchen table whatever it is for you) then declare the truth afresh……and thank Him for the truth and its reality.

Step 5…Then walk forward in that truth. ….

I see us standing on a hill, shouting, singing, dancing, declaring, crying with joy!!!!!


speak mountain

Father, Holy Spirit and King Jesus,

We stand here on this high place, as a sign of what you have done and will do.

With the authority and power we have because of you, we speak to that mountain and we say – Enough! You will not prevail! (Then tell it what to do, where to go…what has God shown you?)

We thank you precious God, for being one who has enabled us to see mountains as mole hills, empowered us to shift the obstacles that would stand in the way of your design for our lives.

Thank you that you are never scared, worried, intimidated, fearful or stressed…..and as such, I am full of faith, full of courage and full of trust in who You are – which enables impassable blocks to be moved, crushed or obliterated…and impossible things to be possible…because of Who You Are.

You are the Great I AM!!!

You are the King of Kings.

You are the One who builds HOPE and FUTURE within me, because it’s your will…and since you created me, you get that right!

Father, remove anything within me that does not agree with what you say about this mountain.

Clear a path within me, that opens the way for the downpour of breakthrough that you have spoken.

Thankyou that you are One who ALWAYS sees the way through!

Thankyou God for loving me. Thankyou God for showing the way. Thankyou for the reality of Your Truth, which trumps any other thing I might see, hear, feel, taste or touch. You are more real, than anything I see with my human eyes.

Help your reality to land within me and then show me how to take the next step, and the next…and the next.

Thankyou that you are always with me, and never leave me, not for a second….so I step forward in faith,t rusting that what you have said, will be done.

Not because of anything I am, but because of who you are, what you have done in the past and what you are doing in my present and future – and indeed, seeing as though you are outside of time – you have actually done in my future.

Today, I choose to put a stake in the ground and say I partner with you and your plans, because you are good, and think/know,  I am worth it.


Amen. xxxxx