Last Sunday we encountered God in an extra special way……

We arrived at church, I’d had a teary night before and a total lack of sleep.

I’d had a conversation with a friend about church and what would help people in life, a life where many find themselves just surviving.

Having to race from one task to another only to find themselves doing the same thing the following weeks once again. A life where there seemed little time to do anything that filled the tanks.

It was a very real and prevalent problem in this culture of ours.

Arrived at church, amazing worship, communion, a quick but powerful devotion and then…..

Our precious leaders got up and stood at the front.

Pastor Jacob said they felt God leading them to pray for the families of our church individually and personally.

What an amazing thing to do..what a gift… this hurry-scurry world-we were being the opportunity to stop for a moment,  to be seen, to be acknowledged and encouraged…..without strings attached!!!! No asking, no requiring, just a gift of love.

I cried at the thought of it.

I cried as I watched families going forward.

The “community” atmosphere was high.

The personal loving of each family was priceless.

It was a faith step on the part of our leadership, because there really wasn’t a message as such…..(which could cause offense to some)

It was an act of obedience.

It was a time of thanks and blessing.

Many eyes were welling up within the lines waiting to be prayed for.

Such a gift.

Such a blessing.

What a leadership!!!!!

When my own family got to the front of the line, we all stood hugging one another, Ken prayed…and BOY….what a prayer.

The very things that had me grieved – were aligned in an instant with Him.

Our family was blessed. Our family had a special moment together just being-no agenda, no have to or must….just holding one another and being blessed by another.

God’s presence was thick in the room and as I stood there-the tears flowed for a different reason.

I woke the next morning feeling my tank was full for the first time in months.  It’s been a great week since!



Thankyou God for this time. for the blessing.

Thankyou that talking with you always brings what we need in any given moment.

We are given an exchange as we pray:

Our Weakness for Your Strength

Our Fears/Worry for Your Peace

Our Heaviness for Your Lighter Load

Our Grief for Your Comfort

Father, Jesus and precious Holy Spirit we thank you that speaking with you is the key to unlock answers to our cares each moment of everyday.  Thankyou for being here with us.  Thankyou for Your desire to require boring MORE of us….but to simply come and be loved by You…embracing the love of you and responding…so here’s part of my response to what you accomplished last Sunday-Thankyou for answering me in my time of need, thankyou for not only being in the heavens but right here beside me-in fact closer than my breath to me. I’m so thankful for you in my life Lord.

Thankyou for being an amazing God who has never failed me or forgotten me.  You see me and understand my heart perfectly. ……and that is so beautiful to me.  Thankyou.

Amen.  Xxxxx