This past week has given me the beautiful opportunity to step up and out….. We’ve been learning about getting out into the world and being aware of the people God desires us to share His love with.

So with freshly renewed eyes I headed out with my hubby on a few errands…a kind of date afternoon.

We found ourselves at a local coffee house in the middle of an industrial area. The place was full of music, people meeting, laptops, babies, the smell of fresh coffee and an older ladies foot limping towards us.

moon boot

I found myself glaring at the foot and then to the lady….my heart began to best extra fast and I felt the question rise up-poor darlin,  I wonder what happened to her.

This was an indicator of Gods heart for her.

I argued within myself, we were on a date…..but as she headed towards the exit with her friend. Two aged women, limping away…..I found myself unable not to act.

I felt God’s boldness and compassion come over me for them….so I excused myself from my man, and raced out the door.

healing courage

“Excuse me…excuse me”

The moon boot lady stopped and turned.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I noticed your foot and wondered what had happened.”

She then began to share her story…..deep vein thrombosis, plates, pins and pain. It was full on!!!! Poor darlin…… Her friend watched intently.

I told her I was a Christian and would love to pray for her healing, asked her whether she’d be willing to let me give it a crack.

Would she be willing?

She smiled and replied, “Thank you that would be lovely.”

So I knelt down on the grassy, muddy patch and prayed. It wasn’t long or eloquent, but it was full of faith and His Heart for her. I felt such peace within about it.

As I stood up, the original woman thanked me and dobbed her friend in too! Lol

She told me about her friend’s knee issue, but when I asked the second woman, she was not wanting prayer and told me her friend needed it more. (all I felt with this second woman, was that she didn’t feel like she was worth it…..this saddened me afterwards, but at the time – all I felt was love for her and a desire to bless her.)

As we continued to chat, I shared with them about the thyroids I’d seen healed recently….and low and behold the women looked at one another and both said simultaneously that they both needed their thyroids healed!!!!!!

This was such a fun event….lol….I think I did laugh out loud. The women thought it was funny too. It had such a joy about it. 3 strangers having a gaggle of fun in a car park. lol.

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather at the fact they both had the same issue, so I quickly prayed for their thyroids to be healed by God, blessed them for the week and day ahead. They left with big smiles on their faces. So good!

I’m unsure whether they got their healing that day or at all…but I learnt soooooo much through this experience. I probably should have asked, but I’m still learning and will probably never stop. lol.

  • God is faithful when we take the time to be aware of others.
  • He brings information and links along the way.
  • He is so good and knows the right people at the right time.
  • He emboldens us to bless.

I am thankful for this time, I am thankful for His prompting and for a beautiful human but supernatural encounter.

This has been such an encouragement to do more.

Can I encourage us both… our walks,  be willing to be a part of something. ..something so wonderful and so much bigger than what we are a part of in this moment in time!

I don’t want to miss it – I don’t want you to miss it.  I don’t want the world to miss it, because we were too busy or distracted to be inconvenienced for a minute of time in our day.

Let’s be the kind of people who love the heart of God and want greater intimacy with Him. People who want to be a part of His story and to reflect His love to those He puts along our path.

Lets not be satisfied to just eat up what the culture serves us…..but to stop for a moment and dare to ask-Father,  give me an opportunity to step out with you today-then watch out for the adventure He brings.  The purpose and joy that is felt in that moment compares with little else in life. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures with Him…..đŸ˜‰


Holy Spirit, 

You are AMAZING!!!!!

Whatever you do is full of creativity and such fun!

Thankyou for the opportunities to work with you in partnership to spread your love to the world.

Please, don’t stop prompting us all.

Soften our hearts,

Unclutter our calender’s and lives so that we can have some wiggle room for times like these.

Father, show us the ones who are ready to meet you.

Help us never to grow cold to the blessing of being in relationship with you.

Help our hearts to remain soft to your promptings.

Help our ears to hear your words, 

Help our eyes to see your beloved ones, then embolden us to take a step,

give it a go with you by our side. 

Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou. 

Please meet those two women in their dreams, heal their physical bodies and help them to KNOW it was all you, in Jesus powerful name.

Amen. xxxxx