Have you read Acts 7 recently? or Exodus? The story of Moses?

I must’ve read it 100 times, seen the movie, read the book.

Today, I was freshly wowed by Moses and his journey. Instead of reading it as a storybook,

I endeavored to place myself inside of Moses heart. And reflected what it must’ve been like for him.

Imagine living 40 years thinking you were Egyptian….

Adopted and raised as royalty.
Your identity, beliefs all planted in Egyptian heritage and culture.

The time arrives. And in a moment everything is turned upside down.
Who am I? If I’m not Egyptian?
If all that I believed has proven a lie?
If my parents are not my parents?
If my royal blood lines are a scam?

Why do I feel the pull to protect mere slaves?

Where did this line of compassion come from?

Why do I even care? Haven’t I been taught the slaves are less than dogs? Is it possible that there is more to this than first thought?

Is it possible that there is more to this world than what I’ve known and lived?”

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

At what point did Moses’ let go of what he was told about himself &
adopt the truth of who he was actually born to be!

It makes me wonder how long I’ve wandered in similar places.

How long have I allowed others to determine my identity?
How long I’ve sought other’s fallible opinions, instead of walking forward with humility and confidence in who I actually am…
How long have I adopted and walked in my true identity?
(It hasn’t been 40 years that for sure or maybe it has.)

This bible passage encourages me, that there is hope for us all.
Some of us have walked alone.
Some of us have been raised by twisted parentage and cultures.
Some of us have been orphans, or at least walked in the identity of orphans…..
BUT….what if there is more.
What if we were born for something great!

Photo by Miguel Orós on Unsplash

What if all that we had been told we were, proved untrue, what if those words spoken, those impacting moments of damage were wrong – and that God had something that is familiar to my heart, innate, something we’ve been born for and destined to be – something beautiful and fulfilling.

What if when my identity is found in Him and whatever happens in life just slips off me, like teflon coating?

What if this is the key to not being shaken by life events and trouble? What if I find that deep peace I’ve always desired, through relationship with Him!

What if, He is the One who is my missing piece….the One who fills the hole in my heart.
(Just thinking out aloud with you.)

photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

God bless you cherished one.
Please know that you are not alone.
You are part of something wonderful in life, even if it didn’t begin as you had hoped or deserved.
Your past does not determine your present or future.
It only takes a moment for things to change.
Please be encouraged, that your worth is not determined by by your ‘doing’, but by your being with Him.
That knowing whose you are, gives the greatest sense of value and identity that you could hope to adopt.
God bless you precious one with eyes to see yourself through His sight….and to see others in this same way.

Much love.
Karen xxxxx