Today’s post is inspired by
Hebrews 11…following a challenging night-but with the dawning of a new day, comes fresh hope and beginnings.

Yesterday someone asked whether I thought this auto immune flare was an attack of the enemy. ?
Without skipping a beat, I told him, that we can often give way too much time and energy to a tiny enemy….when God is Soooooo BIG! I’d prefer to focus on what God is up to…
I don’t say this because I don’t see or experience opposition, but, (most of the time) I eventually come to the realisation that God is also doing something in whatever I’m going through. And curiosity gets the better of me…lol..why wouldn’t I desire to know the good over the heavy and burdening?

It came to me this morning, whether old testament people worried about what the enemy was up to (as our culture can do)…or did they focus more on the awe / healthy fear of God? The all powerful, all knowing and all loving God.?????

What about the New testament? Different but the same when it comes to enemy stuff.
Jesus prioritised connection to our maker/His Father over everything else. He didn’t sweat that enemy plans, they were insignificant in comparison to God’s!

Hebrews 11 lists off countless examples of moments…life ‘cutting edge’ times.
Where a choice needed to be made. Each one of these people chose to walk in BY FAITH…even when things looked and felt hopeless. And their faith brought incredible fruit!
Their faith was well placed.
They chose best.
I LOVE this so much.
(Side note: I also love that they didn’t always choose well. Lol… this is authentic…but as they did, God blessed their choice of by faith)

A good reminder that looking to God and connecting with Him, disempowers much…and empowers me whatever comes, through Him. By faith much was accomplished, released and changed for the good.

Joshua 1:5
No one will be able to stand upon you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will never leave you or forsake you