pexels-photo-225025.jpegCan I share something vulnerable with you today?

A few weeks ago I was praying with a dear friend….God began to share with us a snippet of heavenly intel.

Bottom line – He allowed us to feel an element of His great love for His church.

God loves you. This is no small thing church….because if He loves His church so deeply, then we are called to also.

A few months ago, I had something significant to celebrate. I graduated! Hooray!

As someone who deals with the reality of chronic illness and physical pain most days- I grab those celebration moments as often as I can…no matter how big or small.

How do these two things relate you might ask?

I sense a word for our church in this moment in time…and it’s this.

We have been through a challenging and stretching season, hardships have come thick and fast…BUT….it’s time to throw off the grief cloak and put on your party goggles.

I literally laughed as I felt these words come to me, as I chatted with God about what He wanted to say.

Its time to begin to grab hold of and celebrate the breakthroughs…our voices and hearts need to be more atune to the celebration of heaven, than the problem focused earthly realm.

I declare to you today that whatever has been placed before you today has a redemptive element available from God within it.

Will you dare to take up your celebration, thankful and joy filled vision instead of the past or current hurts, fatigue and brokeness cloak.

Will you pick up God’s heart and walk forward in it, celebrating with others, loving others and being aware of others?

Beloved church, the time has come to engage with Gods flow of love for one another and celebration of the wins!!!!


I have an inkling that celebration is very much like thankfulness- the more we engage in it, the more of it that comes our way. The next time you hear a testimony of God’s goodness, celebrate! The next time someone comes into the Kingdom-join with the angels and whoop it up!

This is how we are to be known, by our love and celebration of one another!

Hardships are always around, and if we choose to focus upon those-they are the very things that will increase in us.

When trouble comes….and it will at some stage….how will I respond?

Action plan:

1. Stop!!!! Before flipping out.

2. Ask God for how this situation looks to Him.

3. Keep watch for opportunities to celebrate – this can be anything.

4. Let your voice, body, Spirit celebrate when something good happens… and even if it doesn’t- celebrate because you have life, people who love you and relationship with a Father who wants nothing more than to have deep, abiding friendship with you.

Prayer: Father thankyou for the one reading these words,

thankyou for who they are and how you have designed them to shine, 

thankyou that their life within this church body is so needed….we just don’t function well without them Lord,

show them how you want them to invest in this family,

stir their heart with love for one another,

reveal to them any areas that are stealing their joy,

refresh their ability to celebrate with you Lord!

I pray that this place will be a blessing them, just as they are a blessing to it, in Jesus powerful and loving name.