I sensed the Lord showing me things about the clothing we put on….now when I say this, I don’t mean literal clothing but our spiritual clothing.

I saw that many of us have been through tough for so long, that we can put on grave clothes or heavy jackets that weigh us down. Wearing these things can impact our ability to live in the present moment and our ability to be free to celebrate or even see others. Walking through tough can put us in places where we have almost forgotten how to celebrate or see light in anything.

The church is made of us, and God loves us…. His church!

Sometimes we have been living with a certain kind of filter on for so long, we have lost sight of the things that truly matter. People not things. Relationship not busyness. God adventure not overscheduled calendars.

How often have you thought of someone and then not done anything about that thought?

I am learning that those “random” ideas are often a direct prompting from Holy Spirit, and when we don’t action them – we miss out as does the one who we were meant to bless.

The other kind of clothing we can wear are our party clothes. When we wear these, we are living in a place of thankfulness, gratitude and of celebration. When we put on our party clothes we are able to celebrate when God is doing something, it’s impossible not to praise Him!