Day 2.

Our youngest has had a hacking cough which I felt needed to have a doctor listen to.

Being in an unfamiliar place,  I googled good doctors near me.

A list of about 100 people came up.


I called the first,  was on hold for 10minutes ……….and decided to move into the next.

I called the second,  got through,  put on hold and then they hung up on me.

I prayed before the third,  as I was getting a little frustrated by this stage.

I rang the third and a lovely human voice answered and didnt put me on hold. Jeanette was able to offer us an appointment early the next morning. She was calming,  caring and even went so far as to give me 5 numbers of alternatives if things got worse overnight.

What incredible provision.

Peace replaced the anxious feeling inside.

I felt so delighted to have the gift of Jeanette,  I finished the call by saying “Thankyou so much Jeanette  God bless you for your kindness to us.”

She was audibly touched by these words….. thanking me profusely by the blessing……(my spidey senses perked up, wondering what it was that God was up to. We would soon find out)