After a busy day of celebrating hubby’s bday, the sun was shining as we lazed by the pool.

The two younger children spent the first half an hour happily throwing 2 tennis balls to one another.

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A lone boy in shark goggles watched the 2 with great interest.  Hubby and I observed this and quietly encouraged our shy ones to invite the onlooker in. He too was timid and spoke very little English.


Long story short, they all spent the next 3 hours and eventually adding another 3 children to their ball throwing fun.

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Brief observations:

It’s funny how we can spend time looking from the sidelines of life,  hoping to be invited in.

Despite having no language,  the language of play and fun is universal.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone and welcoming others in, is such a reflection of God’s heart-how often do I engage with this myself?

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After watching the kids for hours, the pool now in shadow. The mother of the original boy came over to her son,  Jack, telling him that it was time to come out. (Despite the language difference, some things are common the world over) Jack was obviously disappointed by the demands of his Mum and she graciously gave him 5 minutes more.

I said hello to his Mum and we chatted,  as best we could for another 45 minutes. It was a true delight to my heart to discover not only were they new to our country of Australia,  but living in a small country town where my best friend and her family lives. A place where many of my hubby’s family also reside.

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What are the odds?

As we continued,  we discovered that we both have a background in primary teaching. This was something that she was very excited about.

Well this was weird! Each new discovery brought about a new depth to our conversation.

I then felt the prompt to ask about faith/religion in Korea. It was at this point that despite Korea having many religions,  we discovered that we shared the same faith!!! Same God!!!!

She observed that in Australia, very few people engaged in conversation about their faith. Another depth of layer.  Thankful for the reminder to never give up sharing the reason for our hope.

Amazing how our Spirit comes alive when meeting another believer!!!

What an encouragement that a tiny act of inclusion, had opened our day to making new friends in faith. How amazing is God, to have brought such a rich conversation into my day.

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His fingerprint is everywhere.

P.s. I did forget to mention, as they were leaving the pool area,  we discovered that we shared the same name!!!!

This day was a total God setup.

Such a blessing to have met you Korean Karen.