Started the day with a special buffet breakfast with friends.

As we paid, our friends (3) pay $40. I step up to pay for our 5 and she charges us $40 also.  I’m confused, because we had vouchers and ut doesn’t seem right,  but hunger wins out as we race to find a table.

Now, you  might be different,  so please don’t judge me….but….

There are foods that I naturally like and others not so much.

Eggs for eggs-ample. Lolol….??

I love eating well done poached eggs for breakfast, but apparently the general populous prefer a runny yolk. No judgement here, but runny texture isn’t something my body likes. I have been met many times with groans as I ask for well done poached eggs.

To my delight I see poached eggs.

My heart smiles.

I grab the spoon and of the 20 or so eggs, 2 seem well done. So I pop them on my plate(and hope for the best), grab some fruit and a couple of hash browns and sit down.

As I slice them open,  I am delighted for these perfectly cooked eggs. (Eggscellent). Hubby and our friend slice into theirs,  both have runny yolks which drench their toast. They are happy and so am I. It doesn’t take much does it. And thats no yolk… alright enough with the egg puns.

It’s the little things that I love about  how God loves me. The times where He tends to me, He provides for me. He knows my quirks and preferences and He loves them. He delights in delighting me.

He speaks in the big and the small.

As I head out,  I chat with the pregnant waitress. I tell her about being undercharged. During the course of the meal,  I had worked out we owed her another $25 (adult meal price)

As I explained the situation, to say she was surprised would be an understatement.  She thanked me for my honesty and began telling me how people walk in and don’t pay at all. She then said she was going to only take $15 (kids meal price) because she was thankful for my honesty.

I was reminded of a business card my friend Ruthie had years ago.

“Integrity: who you are when no one’s looking.”

That quote has never left me…it’s true. It’s Kingdom. It’s beautiful.

God is One who sees all and knows all, so this morning as I paid more for breakfast than what we could have “gotten away with”….it felt good to do something that is small, but countercultural.

The waitress thanked me a number of times,  so I popped in, “I couldn’t call myself a Christian, if I didn’t do that.”

(I don’t know what her view of Christians are, but hopefully today,  she encountered something good.)

I blessed her and the life she was carrying and off we went.