I love this image.

It communicates so much.

There was a time when my feelings controlled a LOT.

When my body would send out signals – I’d believe them. Which welcomed worry, fear and anxiety.

I wrestled fear… sometimes it won, sometimes I did.

Over the past decade, Ive been on a crash course to freedom.
Learning to trust God first, before all else.
(No small thing when wrestling a habit of a lifetime.)

The older I get, the more dissatisfied I am to remain at the mercy of fear. Tossed about, bruised and battered by it. I want MORE than settling for what is…

Fear’s only purpose is to crush us just enough that we can’t function as we were designed to.

To keep us so bound up inside, that we don’t notice the sky above.

To distract us enough that we don’t realise there’s another way, a freeing way!

Which got me thinking…

What is the remedy?

Emotions aren’t wrong, but they used to be my god.

This past 10 years has been a crash course in trust.

Trusting God, even when my body is in pain.

Trusting God when circumstances look and feel bleak.

Trusting God with my fears…

How do I trust?

By placing my hand in His.

Being willing to upgrade what I already have, for something better, something higher.

Asking Him for His truth and then walking in that truth.
Believing it. Focusing on that truth over anything else.
(This last one is often the key to freedom for me personally)

What does freedom look like?

Maybe it’s letting go of the chains, the things that have held me back.

Maybe it’s changing up the way I view the world.

Maybe it’s trusting Him, when everything I feel and see says to do otherwise.

Whatever freedom is, I want IN….how about you?

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