It’s been a while since I last posted anything here, in all honesty I’ve been recovering…it was a HUGE year last year – and it caught up with me.

As I endeavoured to rest a number of weeks ago, just prior to Christmas – I was feeling the weight of the season and all the culture loads upon during it. We had some significant family shocks and things to deal with, and I found myself overwhelmed.

As I journaled with the Lord, I found Him giving me such wise insight – it is definitely too good not to share with you all. So here tis…

He gave me 4 stages that we can find ourselves in, how to recognise them, what to do in them and the redemptive elements of each.


In this stage it is very, very basic. Eat. Drink. Wash. Sleep.

Feels like:

Low energy, if any. Thoughts can be clouded or foggy.

It’s a moment by moment time.

Redemptive elements:

  • I woke. (Yay!)
  • I have life.
  • I am able to get out of bed, eat, drink and rest.
  • I have family who love me & who I can love.
  • My family see me.
  • God is ok when I am in this stage, I need rest!

What am I to do in this stage:

Enjoy the simple things.

Rest up a storm.

Carry no guilt about needing this time – more robust times are on their way, so enjoy this recovery time.

Simplify during this time – cull the energy drainers

Release non essentials – relationships, burdens, other’s stuff

It’s all about God and I ….a time of being tended to (because that’s all that is possible in this stage)


This is a secondary stage. Basics are able to be done with greater energy (but still limited)

The term Have to’s relate to the things that, if not done – will have consequences and require more energy to fix – than to just do in this time. It’s not a time for extras.

Interact with family more, Bill paying, washing, emails (maybe), getting back to people, intermittent energy. Lists are important, prioritising, rest breaks are vital, time outside is restorative.

Feels like:

Some strength returning. Tanks feel as if there is something in there.

There is the ability to think and realise that some things need to be done, and you are able to do them.

Rest is still key at this time, it’s a stage of reintroducing the have to’s.

Redemptive elements:

  • I’m up and moving! (Hooray!)
  • My family see and feel me.
  • Things with consequences are getting done.
    This is what we need to do.
  • More energy Yay!
  • God is pleased with me, He is further teaching me about life/rest balance and what that feels/looks like for me personally.
  • I am not meant to live as an island from God, but depend upon and relate to Him throughout the day. This stage enables me to know what both sides of this walk feel like.

What am I to do in this stage:

Simple things and a few extras – adding in need to or have tos.

This is still an important stage to rest without guilt.

Enforcing strict boundaries and not blowing out your energy on extras – then returning to the able to stage – is just not worth it.

Getting outside and investing in things that fill the tank are good in this stage.

Family is able to be given to a little more than normal in this stage.

Rest, rest, rest……

Celebrate and live in thanks for what you are able to and have done with Him.