Recently I had the experience of praying for someone at church who began to manifest. It was only through my sister’s stories that I had any idea of what might have been going on. As the woman coughed and dry reached in my face, I felt like I was in an alternate world. A place I thought I would never be…..but here I was.

Praise God, a more experienced friend stepped in to assist. It was an altogether cofronting (to say the least) experience. I came away from that encounter knowing that the enemy is ugly, so ugly….all his ways are ugly.

God on the other hand, kindly met me just minutes after this prayer learning opportunity! lol….I was standing there, wondering what on earth has just happened, recollecting the shocking nature of it all, questioning whether I had been able to do anything in that situation. I had certainly done all I had known…but I felt intimidated by it all and my lack of experience.

Humanly I questioned whether I should be on the prayer team anymore….the enemy was discouraging me BIG TIME.

Then a random lady approached me, asking whether she could talk to me. I groaned inwardly because I was still processing so much – but the words came out instinctively, “Sure, no worries…that would be lovely”. (I laugh at myself in these times.)

I took my battle-weary heart and followed the woman to a quieter place.

She then began to retell of the time I had prayed with her a few months before. I hadn’t remembered her, but as she began to say what God had shared with her on that day, it sprung back into my mind.

He had me tell her that she was going to be writing some songs.

She’d be driving along and they would just come to her. They would be powerful and life-giving songs and they would bless many others.

Well….amazingly that is what had been happening in her life. She was so excited to share it with me and encourage me in the process. She was and is in such a good place through all of this writing and singing. God is so good.

This was a gift to me of absolute kindness, because it redeemed something in me.

It tended to the part of my heart that was believing lies instead of God’s truth.

He knew what I needed and before I could process any of it, He scooped me up and blessed me with some encouragement. Not unlike how when one of our kids has a fall and hurts their knee….I scoop them up and tend to them, looking after the wound but also endeavoring to help them see the funny side of it all – and then hopefully letting them go off smiling.

I find myself so thankful today and ready to get back into whatever He has for me. It’s taken a couple of days for the truth to grow in me, and the shock to wear off, but all along He had me. His kindness and goodness is beyond all simple words of mine, but today I am thankful.

Be blessed that God has you today in whatever you are going through. Be carried today by Him and experience His kindness. xxxxx